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(This diary is a partial log of Marshal Yatish's ongoing war of vengeance against big bad-folk and bad big-folk.)

Had to dish out lickin's today. Like every day. Yatish go to war with enemies of Lopp. Strike fear. Strike for vengeance. Strike for justice.

And those Marauders should NOT have attacked the Lopp caravan Yatish found two days ago. Should not have taken hostages. Should not have killed two kurg for no reason but to be mean.

Far-Trader Jena is old friend, and he has secret com in his hood. He send silent signal to Yatish, so Yatish knew what to expect a bit. But always good to go in overgunned. Hired local adventurers to help. Yatish can only kill so many at a time.

Plan went off no hitch. Marauders zero. Yatish... Yatish lost count. A lot. And more where that came from, crumb-bums.

Adventurers useful, if sometimes stupid. Needed them to dole out a little Lopp justice, came through with shining colors. Better not catch them causing any injustice later.

Marshal Yatish will stop them then. too.

Doled out special justice today. Protostar man says Lopp village too close to power generators. Killin' livestock. Makin' big-folk sick. Protostar man doesn't care if village die if he can run generators. Yatish say NO WAY!

Gave Protostar man way to make it right. He didn't like it. Gave him chance to shut down generators. He didn't do it. Gave him chance to walk away. He didn't take it. Bet he wishes he had. Generator meltdowns can be deadly.

New day, new lickin's to hand out. Yatish heading out to look for injustice. And when Yatish find it, little green men and bad Marauders and all the wicked big-folk better get out of Yatish's way.

Location Edit

This journal is located in Malgrave in the Shineysand Oasis at 1603, 4241.

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