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Expedition Day 2

Oh man, oh man, this is not good. So I met this great little critter. And he followed me home. And he's really friendly, and purrs a lot and I'm thinking, "Hey, someone to hang out with you on those long, cold, lonely nights at the dig, Wyn!"

Except someone tells me they call it a chompacabra, and I can see why, because he's all "chomp chomp!" any time you let him get near ANY food, okay? And I soon learn that like, except ME, he thinks a whole lot of things are food. Like my gloves. And my boots. And my goggles. But l can get by without those things. I'm an archaeologist! I can get my hands and feet dirty. But then, well....

I mean, look, it's not like there aren't Eldan artifacts literally ALL OVER this planet They're everywhere you look! Why do you think I signed up for this job? It is LITERALLY the easiest thing in the world, looking for Eldan artifacts.

Almost as easy to look for them as it is for a chompacabra to eat them, too. Yeah. Eldan artifacts. They're the most valuable relics in the whole blasted galaxy, and my buddy the chompy fuzzball has three of them in his digestive tract right now.

So now we play the waiting game. I hope that little chompacabra hasn't fully digested the things. If he has, well... I probably need to go into another line of work. And then I'll make up a story about what happened to those artifacts. No one's going to hurt my little chompacabra!


This journal is located in Galeras at the Windy Hollow at 5930,-2946

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