Wildwood Grove isn't exactly a vacation spot The land is beautiful in its own rugged way, but Deradune is as far from Arboria as you can get There are wonders, such as the massive canopy trees, the graceful dawngrazers, and the massive mammodin.

But what I miss the most is the forests and woodlands of my home. I fear I shall never see their like again. (later) We've found something interesting, likely of Eldan make. We're not sure what it does, but Nular thinks we can get it working again. All we need to do is find some compatible power crystals to energize the consoles. The hunt is on!


The crystals have been found. They require some modification, but it shouldn't be too tough. We're all excited to see what comes of this experiment


One of our scouts ran into a Dominion patrol. He killed two of them, but they wounded him. He managed to get back to Wildwood Grove before he died. It's a sad day. This sort of thing has become all too common lately.


The device is functional! Though it's frightening to behold, it seems to be flooding the area with life energy. The undergrowth and trees in the grove are growing to spectacular sizes! In fact a number of trees sprang up and started to grow right away! This Eldan device is miraculous! Soon, Deradune will be a lush garden, just like Arboria!


Given the elevated levels of energy in the Weave - due to the Eldan miracle device - Nular and the matria are going to summon a guardian to protect the Grove. They decided to do this, in large part because of the recent incursions by the Dominion's patrols. Why can't they leave us alone?


It is time for me to take my turn at the device's controls. Its not hard, really. You just have to look out for warning lights. So far, though, the Eldan device seems to run itself. We're going to remove the power crystals from the control consoles, List in case the Dominion starts meddling. It should keep them from shutting the device down.


This journal is located in Deradune at -4440,-942 in the Wildwood Grove near the Terraformer

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