The Official WildStar Wiki is your one-stop source for all things WildStar, the exciting MMO from Carbine Studios. If you're new to Nexus take a look at our Starter's Guide and read up on the game lore. Even pros can miss a thing or two, so be sure to check out our extensive Zone guides.


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WildStar Reloaded Features Trailer02:52

WildStar Reloaded Features Trailer

WildStar Free-to-Play Launch Cinematic03:03

WildStar Free-to-Play Launch Cinematic

WildStar - Drusera Lore02:13

WildStar - Drusera Lore

WildStar Lore - Faction Type02:12

WildStar Lore - Faction Type

WildStar Lore Series - Nexus02:00

WildStar Lore Series - Nexus

Wildstar Instant Expert - Lead Class Designer04:14

Wildstar Instant Expert - Lead Class Designer

WildStar Instant Expert - Development Director04:34

WildStar Instant Expert - Development Director

WildStar Instant Expert - Executive Producer04:43

WildStar Instant Expert - Executive Producer

WildStar Instant Expert - Lead Systems Designer05:00

WildStar Instant Expert - Lead Systems Designer

WildStar - Story Trailer Fannotation02:27

WildStar - Story Trailer Fannotation

WildStar Official Trailer03:30

WildStar Official Trailer

What is WildStar?04:13

What is WildStar?


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