Both WildStar.exe and WildStar64.exe are the executable files used to run WildStar in the Windows OS. They are located in the WildStar game install folders.

Launcher Edit

The WildStar start-up and patcher program is located directly in the main WildStar install folder, usually named "WildStar", and is responsible for updating and repairing the WildStar install files, and for actually running the game client. This is the file run when launching WildStar using the game shortcuts, and is how a user would normally launch the game. Once run, this launcher or patcher will look to see of the game is up to date, update the game if not, and then run the regular game client once the user clicks the "Play Now" button, in the lower-right corner of the window.

Note: no launcher options need to be set for normal operation.
  • -dx9 - start the game client using DirectX 9, instead of normal DirectX 10/11.
  • -dx11 - start the game client using DirectX 11, instead of normal DirectX 9. (don't think works)
  • -norun - changes the automatic client start behavior

Client Edit

The actual WildStar client program that runs the game, is located in the "Client" or "Client64" folders, just underneath the main WildStar install folder.


The client program has specific start-up options, usually managed by the launcher.

  • /auth - game authorization server provided by launcher. Default for NA is:
  • /lang - language version of game assets to use provided by launcher. Default for NA is: en.
  • /authnc - account authorization server provided by launcher. Default for NA is:

Starting without launcher Edit

Note: the launcher should be used for normal operation.

Start the client directly will normally simply cause the launcher to get launched, by the client, which allows for pinning of a running WildStar client instance and the launcher to still operate normally and just launch the client again later, per normal process. Following this process also allows the client to get its start-up options naturally from the launcher each time.

However, there are times where starting the client without the launcher is useful for testing, or quickly trying multiple options in one sitting. By providing the same command the client need from the launcher, the client can start without the launcher needing being run as below, which is correct for IconPatch 6623: and may change at anytime. Note: is very important that the launcher should still be run occasionally during any session to ensure game is properly up to date and correct.

WildStar64.exe /auth /lang en /authnc

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