Softsnow woods whitevale

Whitevale is a playable zone in the region of Alizar, south of Thayd. Whitevale is also the first shared or contested (on PvP server) zone for factions.

Faction Reputation

Zone guide Edit

Alizar Zones
Algoroc · Celestion · Everstar Grove · Galeras · Northern Wilds · Thayd · Whitevale
Whitevale Subzones
Augment Facility X426 · Calmwater Commune · Camp Virtue · Deadrock Prison · Doomtide Village · Gas 'n Guzzle · Genesis Installation · Inception's Hold · Inception's Stand · Junction Snowshadow · Locus Dawn · Palerock Post · Primal Drill Site Alpha · Profitorium 9 · Prosperity Junction · Raxen's Holdout · Redmoon Dockyard · Shatterforce Outpost · Siege of Tempest Refuge (Dungeon) · Silverscale Station · Skullcano (Dungeon) · Snowfade Grounds · Softsnow Meadows · Sunderstone Hold · Synergy Station · Thermock Hold · War of the Wilds (Dungeon) · Wigwalli Village

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