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Harrowing Heights Blighthaven

Cankertube Swamp, Blighthaven

(Doctor Claremont's analysis details most of what the Collegium has been able to learn about Glabellum so far. Unfortunately, it's not much.)

The Glabellum - what is it? Why does it infest Grimvault like the Strain that surrounds it? Our data is frighteningly limited, for a host of reasons. The most significant, of course, is that the damnable thing mentally enslaves anyone sent to study it!

One thing is certain - the Glabellum and the Strain are not working in concert with each other. Indeed, the bubbles in which the Glabellum traps and keeps those it enslaves are completely resistant to the Strain. In fact, the Glabellum may be the first organism of any kind that appears to have immunity to corruption. So far, at least.

Perhaps the Eldan created the Glabellum to be a fail-safe but this seems highly unlikely. There is nothing in the primal signatures of the few samples we've been able to to indicate an artificial origin. All taking samples taught us was that every piece of the Glabellum appears to be psionically linked to the central brain-mass. Even a single cell could be enough to regrow the creature, even if firebombed from orbit. Eradicating the Glabellum may well be impossible. Therefore, containment is the best possible option.

Did the Eldan think so too? Did they imprison the Glabellum in the Grimvault to prevent it from escaping into the universe? There is little evidence to indicate this is the case. Indeed, the Strain more than anything is keeping Glabellum in check.

If we ever do succeed in defeating the Strain, will Nexus simply trade one horror for another? We cannot take that chance. We must study the Glabellum and understand it. We must ensure it understands us. And ensure it understands the Dominion is not an enemy even it wants to make.

With any luck they won't know we're bluffing.


This Journal is located at the Perilous Annex in Blighthaven at 2215,-5141

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