IconDominion  What Must Be Done
Type Quest
Conservationist Caius
Level 12
MinLevel 9
Location Grimvoid LandingDeradune
Rewards 6IconSilver 83IconCopper
Choose one
Longcoat of the Grimvoid
Marauder's Smartgrips
Venator's Flexipants
Episode Treachery at Owanee Basin
Previous Hunters Become Hunted

Objectives Edit

Bring Lord Venator to justice in Grimvoid Landing

Description Edit

Conservationist Caius traced Lord Venator last transmission to Grimvoid Landing, indicating that Venator is working with the Marauders. You must find him and bring him to justice in the name of the Dominion.

Progress Edit

You've brought Lord Venator to justice. With his death, you've brought the poaching in Owanee Basin to an end.

Completion Edit

Report to Conservationist Caius at Owanee Research Station

External links Edit

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