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Congratulations. Based on your bold and selfless service to the empire the Dominion has invited you to join the inner circle.

The Enigma Chamber is the code name* for the Dominion's collective efforts to discover the fate of the Eldan, and learn how new discoveries on the homeworld of the gods - Nexus - will affect our society as a whole. You will work side-by-side with some of the most powerful and honored citizens of the Dominion. The secrets you uncover will be gathered, studied, and analyzed by the brightest minds of the empire the scientists of the Royal Collegium.

And in the end, you will succeed. You must. The very fate of the Dominion hangs in the balance. The Eldan chose us to build the greatest empire the galaxy had ever known. Our church tells us they ascended to godhood, but, if 50, why then? Did we fail them? Did they decide we needed to guide our own destinies?

Or, blasphemously, is there a threat out there powerful enough to eliminate a race of gods?

Unless we can answer these questions, and soon, we face grave danger. The Exiles will falter and fall, in time. The planet will be settled, knowledge will be found, hearts will be changed, and minds will be opened. But until we know why our gods did what they did, we will never know of the dangers - or advantages - Eldan knowledge could bring to the war effort.

-Dr. Takigurian

  • Please note it is also an actual chamber, one used for

planning, data collection, and sometimes as sleeping quarters.


This World Story journal is located inside the Enigma Chamber

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