IconExiles  Watcher's Warning
Type Quest
Watcher Yalesh Sageroot
Watcher Yalesh Sageroot
Level 7
MinLevel 4
Location Celestion
Experience 213xp
Rewards 2IconSilver 73IconCopper
choose one
Pollenberry Gauntlets
Hiveguard Treads
Dazeroot Leggings
Reputation +376 Protectors of Celestion
Episode The Woodhaven Watcher
Previous A Heralded Horn

Enter Pollenberry Grove, an area of Thistlewood Thicket where the Dazeroot have their hive. Once there, use the Horn of Heralding to help you destroy the Dazeroot and to awaken hypnotized creatures.


Use the Horn of Heralding to awaken hypnotized dawngrazers and jabbits in Pollenberry Grove Kill Dazeroot Hiveguard or Dazeroot Stingers in Pollenberry Grove Completion

Report to Watcher Yalesh Sageroot via your Datachron

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