IconExiles  Walker's Aid
Type Quest
Communicator (Commander Durek)
Belle Walker
Level 2
Location Relic RoomGambler's Ruin
Experience 100
Rewards 60IconCopper
Episode Slag 'Em, Tag 'Em, and Bag 'Em
Previous Deck Sweeper
Next Relic Raid

It seems the ship's Relic Room is filled with enemy bombs, and Belle Walker is trapped there due to a busted teleporter. Commander Durek suspects it's the work of Dominion saboteurs, and he's ordered you to rescue Belle before it's too late.

Objectives Edit

  • Take a teleporter to the Relic Room

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 60IconCopper
  • 100 XP

Notes Edit

Belle Walker is the daughter of Dorian Walker, the explorer that discovered Nexus.

External links Edit

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