Celestial Razortusk

The Walatusk is a semi-aquatic predator native to Nexus. They dwell in both fresh and saltwater. They prefer an ambush hunting style, lurking in the water until unaware prey draws near, but if hungry enough they will charge anyone getting too close to their territory.

Physical description Edit

Walatusks share many characteristics with aquatic mammals, such as a heavy layer of subcutaneous fat or "blubber." They generally appear more traditionally reptilian except for tufts of fur around the head and sometimes tail. Their skin is covered with scales and they also have the long snapping jaws of a crocodilian reptile.

Blubber Edit

Although it is a top predator in most areas, the walatusk is also hunted by many other creatures, from Pumera to Lopp. The latter, in particular, find walatusk blubber to be a highly efficient traditional fuel source for lighting, cooking, and simple machinery. Analysis of this subcutaneous fat that gives walatusks their "plump lizard" body shape reveals genetic markers pointing to manipulation in the distant past - an almost certain sign of Eldan experimentation.

Subspecies Edit

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