IconExiles  WANTED:Grevitch the Gruesome (Group 2+)
Type Task
Bounty Board
Professor Papovich
Level 8
MinLevel 5
Location Celestion
Rewards 5IconSilver 14IconCopper
Choose one
Gruesome Pantaloons
Tainted Darkness Technopants
Gruesome Overpants
Grevitch Leg Guards
Gruesome Kilt
Grevitch Slacks
Reputation +564 Protectors of Celestion

Objectives Edit

Kill Grevitch the Gruesome and deliver its heart of darkness to Professor Papovich in Woodhaven

Description Edit

Professor Papovich desires the dark heart of Grevitch the Gruesome, Cursewood's living nightmare. Payment for the heart shall be made in person and upon inspection of the goods

Completion Edit

Speak to Professor Papovich in Woodhaven

External links Edit

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