The ubiquitous Vulcarrion is a scavenger bird native to Nexus which can be found in many regions of the planet. Highly adaptable avians that can survive quite well in any climate they can find food, vulcarrion pose a constant threat to livestock, travelers, and anyone who stumbles into one of their feeding grounds. Since they'll eat anything that walks, crawls, or hasn't been dead too long, this includes almost the entire planet.
Skytalon Rotbeak

Diet Edit

Vulcarrion primarily subsist on carrion, as their name implies. But like most scavengers they are also opportunists - if they think they can kill something they'd like to eat, they'll do that as well. Aside from dead animals, their most common food source is jabbits.

Thunderbeak Vulcarrion Edit

The vulcarrion subspecies dubbed Thunderbeak occupy many of the darker corners of Stormtalon's Lair in the Galeras region. Their name comes from their terrible cries, which reverberate powerfully within the primal air-suffused tunnels the Thundercall Pell call home. The proximity of so much primal power allows the Thunderbeak to maneuver within these narrow confines much more deftly than an ordinary vulcarrion could.

Ripbeak Vulcarrion diet Edit

Initial scans appear to show that the avian subspecies designated Ripbeak vulcarrion will scavenge most any biological organism within their hunting range - which includes most of the Auroria region, especially around the city of Hycrest. Like the strawgrazers, the Ripbeak vulcarrion appear to have developed some immunity to the Hycrest plague, and developed it quickly - at least, they do not catch the plague by consuming plague victims.

Subspecies Edit

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