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(This ragged book looks to have been discarded by its owner.)

Father goads me. He wishes for me to bring him the honor he could never seize for himself. He will learn soon enough am not his puppet to be jerked about Find the Lost Caverns, the old fool commands. How? lam Draken! lam not a jabbit be digging in the earth! My search for the Caverns begins. May Werza guide me!


Two weeks and nothing! I suspect my father is laughing at me as I write this! By Hazak! I curse his entrails, that they be knotted upon themselves like angry serpents!


I have found the Lost Caverns. While walking in the hills east of Bloodfire Village, the ground gave way beneath my feet I am unhurt but l find myself in a dark place. I must find my way out!


If these are the Lost Caverns, they are infested with prey! Moodies, razortail, and pumera all make their dens here beneath the savannah. The bones of some great beast long dead, Lit from the stone walls. It is as if I have been swallowed....


I hunt in the shadows. Time loses its meaning. The Moodies fear me! The razortail scamper away at my approach! The pumera bend their necks in deference! Here in the darkness, lama god!

Day Unknown

Swords? Shields? Who needs such toys? The weak! lam Vezaar, first of my name! My claws are deadly! My teeth are like daggers! My horns are stronger than spears! Blood and bone! This is what life was meant to be! My people are fools, toiling under the yokes of soft humans like pets bred for fighting!

Never again will I bow my head to a Cassian weakling while uttering courteous words! Vezaar is finally HOME!

Day Unknown

My father tried to contact me on my datachron. I did not answer. I threw the cursed thing away! Let him think me lost I will never return to the surface!

Day Unknown

This journal is tedious. No longer will I scribble between its covers. My time is better spent hunting Moodies and razortails and pumera, sating myself on their flesh. Soon, these pages will be kindling for my fires. I care nothing for these memories any longer!

(The last pages are torn and smudged by a reddish-brown substance.)


This journal is located in Deradune at -5676,-1290 inside The Lost Caverns. To access it, you will need the help of an explorer. There is a sandpit between the Moodies and the Terminites north of the river. If you stand on the trap, you will fall through when an explorer activates it. Head north and then west. You will come across Vezzar the Feral who is a quest giver.  The journal is on the ground behind the firepit.

A second way in is at Bloodfire Village -5543,-704 but this also takes an explorer and is not always accessable by party members.

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