WildStar Reloaded Features Trailer02:52

WildStar Reloaded Features Trailer

How exciting is this? The long wait is over and Free to Play is here! As the Official Wiki for everything WildStar , we wanted to make sure you had all the information you needed to get started! Just look at all these articles that were updated recently. Shade's Eve is currently in progress with more holiday events to come. WildStar is bigger and better than ever and so are we!

Getting started2
- This one is for all you players new to the game! Come here for a quick tutorial and then fly through those first few levels like a pro!
Tradeskills for blog
Tradeskills text
Four of your favorite Tradeskills have had a complete makeover! Start here to get all your questions answered. 
Attributes for blog
Attributes text
Not completely different but definately some major changes! No more finesse, grit, moxie or brutality.
Content finder for blog
Content Finder text
This replaces the previous LFG tool with way more features.  Can't find that shiphand transport? Use the Content Finder instead!
Circuit Board for blog
Circuit text
Not an actual 'Tradeskill' but very important to know how to use when crafting any type of armor. Much easer to understand and use now. 
Madame Fay for blog
Madame Fay text
Want to take a gamble and try to get that super awesome Spyder Ryder mount? Here is where you do it! Say bye bye to your NCoin. Warning: Highly addictive and fun.
Cosmic rewards blog icon
Cosmic rewards text
Payback for all that loyalty! Not only that, but players will continue to earn more points through gameplay.
Store icon for blog
Store text
Yep, with Free to Play comes the totally expected in-game store. Check in here to see how it works and what it has to offer. 
Signature for blog
Signature text
Glad to see Free to Play but still want those extra perks? Well, you can totally have it all with the new Signature service!

Shades eve whats hot icon
Shades eve text
You won't want to miss this! Awesome new creepyish music from Jeff Kurtenacker, a new dungeon and fun missions. Jack Shade is here! Are you ready?
Zprix invitational for blog
Hoverboard zprix test
Just arrived to WildStar! If all goes well, expect more like this in the future with even more action and maybe even more prizes. This one is themed around a mid-80's movie franchise. See if you can figure out which one.
Crib for blog
Crib of the week text
Ok, this isnt new and it's not in-game but Housing is and it just got better than ever! More plugs, more items, just more of everything housing. Show us what you got and get entered into our Crib of the Week!

This is just the beginning! More lore, more quests, more to come!  The wikia is available for everyone to edit and we are always looking for new active contributors. We have an open chat room, forums and plenty of information! Account registration at Wikia is now easier than ever and more features are being added all the time. Come join us!

Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, check out this new awesome trailer!!!

WildStar Free-to-Play Launch Cinematic03:03

WildStar Free-to-Play Launch Cinematic

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