New Macros Edit

Place new macros here by editing this section.

Toggle Full-screen and Window Edit

/eval vf,ve = "video.fullscreen","video.exclusive"
/eval v = not Apollo.GetConsoleVariable(ve)
/eval Apollo.SetConsoleVariable(ve, v) Apollo.SetConsoleVariable(vf, v)
  • Use: Toggles between windowed mode or full-screen for game video

FPS boost Edit

/eval local n=Apollo.GetConsoleVariable("lod.renderTargetScale") if n==1 then n=.75 elseif n==.75 then n=.5 else n=1 end Apollo.SetConsoleVariable("lod.renderTargetScale", n) Print("Scale set to "..n)
  • Use: Toggles between 3 tiers of settings to give a FPS boost for Instance, PvP, or whenever unplayable.
  • Notes: Each click or use will toggle to next setting and wrap around back to default.
  • See: CVars#lod.renderTargetScale
  • Works in 1.0.7

Role check failed Edit

If you are a tank class:

/eval MatchingGame.SelectRole(MatchingGame.Roles.Healer, false)

If you are a healing class:

/eval MatchingGame.SelectRole(MatchingGame.Roles.Tank, false)
  • Use: removes the bugged and inappropriate role for your class as selected if you can't queue Dungeons or Adventures with the error message "Role check failed".
  • Notes: the UI as of Drop 6 can get into state where and inappropriate role is selected that you cant see or unselect.

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