IconDominion  Turn Up the Heat
Type Quest
Scientist Twilo
Level 9
MinLevel 6
Location Exo-Lab 79Deradune
Rewards 6IconSilver 28IconCopper
Episode Terminite Infestation

Objectives Edit

Go to the Terminite Mound containing Exo-Lab 79 in The Hillscourge Enter Exo-Lab 79 using the Eldan Teleporter in The Hillscourge

Use the Terminite Flamethrower in Exo-Lab 79 Kill Terminites inside Exo-Lab 79

Description Edit

Scientist Twilo has been sent to contain the terminite infestation in Hillscourge, before it grows out of control and threatens all of Deradune. He wants you to enter Exo-Lab 79 and use his flamethrower to burn the bugs out!

Progress Edit

You successfully used Scientist Twilo's flamethrower to incinerate terminites in Exo-Lab 79.

Completion Edit

Report to Scientist Twilo via your Datachron

External links Edit

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