True Shot
Icon skillspellslinger trueshot
2 sec then multi-tap
Range 40.0 m
18 sec cooldown
Required Level: 21
Deal x physical damage to 5 foes and pierce 35% armor. Subsequent casts reduce cast times to 1.0s and 0.5s.

Spell Surge: Cast times are reduced to 1.3s, 0.65s, and 0.33s.
Tier Upgrade
+x damage
Tier 4 Major Upgrade
Increases Armor Pierce to 50%
Tier 8 Major Upgrade
Can cast True Shot an additional time and is instant.

Individual Tier Bonus Edit

Damage increase for each Tier.
Tier Damage Increase
Base 56.41%+30.1 +5.13%
Tier 1 61.54%+30.1 +10.26%
Tier 2 66.67%+30.1 +15.39%
Tier 3 71.79%+30.1 +20.52%
Tier 4 76.94%+30.1 +25.65%
Tier 5 82.07%+30.1 +30.78%
Tier 6 87.20%+30.1 +35.91%
Tier 7 92.32%+30.1 +41.04%
Tier 8 97.44%+30.1 +46.17%

Spell SurgeEdit

Cast times are reduced to 1.1s, 0.55s, and 0.28s.

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