{{Quest |name=Tremor Ridge Kidnappings |id=4520 |type=Quest |faction=Exiles |path= |ts= |diff=Standard |start=[[Prospector Tashmore |Prospector Tashmore ]]

Objectives Edit

Locate the Marauder camp in Deadstar Ravine Collect a cage key from a Deadstar Marauder in Deadstar Ravine Rescue Kidnapped Rustics from the cages in Deadstar Ravine Rescue Ellie Tashmore from her cage in Deadstar Ravine

Description Edit

One of the Tremor Ridge locals, Prospector Tashmore, told you his wife and other townsfolk were kidnapped by the Marauders. Since he was injured in the fighting, he asked you to save them in his stead. Tashmore believes they're being held in Deadstar Ravine.

Progress Edit

You've successfully rescued the captured townsfolk of Tremor Ridge, saving them from a fate worse than death at the hands of the Deadstar Marauders.

Completion Edit

Return to Prospector Tashmore in Tremor Ridge

External links Edit

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