IconDominion  Tracking Mistclaw
Type Task
Guardian Zelcon
Level 8
MinLevel 5
Location Larallen HighlandsEllevar
Experience 319xp
Rewards 5IconSilver 14IconCopper
The Mistclaw
Reputation +564 Ellevar Sanction
+45 Dominion

Objectives Edit

  • Follow the mist trail to track Mistclaw in the Larallen Highlands
  • Kill Mistclaw in the Larallen Highlands

Description Edit

You found a fresh kill and suspicious tracks. It could only be the legendary Mistclaw, a powerful ghostly dagun that stalks the Larallen Highlands. You'd earn no small amount of fame if you could track him down and kill him.

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

Report to Guardian Zelcon via your Datachron

External links Edit

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