Citizens of Gildgrass Province, Today is a wonderful day to serve the Dominion, is it not? For that is what we citizens do, from the highest of the highborn families to the lowest of lowborn wretches - no offense, lowborn wretches. We serve the Dominion, and that means we serve our emperor.

It has come to my attention, however, that not all of the lowborn citizens of Gildgrass are holding the needs of their empire above their own. This, simply put will not do! Therefore, lam issuing a provincial directive to all citizens to do their part in the coming conflict with the Exile interlopers! Whether you are a trained combatant a loyal soldier, or an eager volunteer, the Dominion requires all citizens to stand up and do their duty against the traitors!

Of course, I don't need to remind any of you that paramount to your duty is the protection and survival of the highborn - the soul and heart of the Dominion. Did not the Eldan themselves choose the Cassians to carry on their legacy? And did they not choose the highborn among us to carry on their very genes?

The answers are yes and yes, in case you were curious. Once again, I call upon all Dominion citizens, but especially the lowborn, to do everything in their power to fight back and protect the highborn!

Lord Syrus


This journal is located in the Gildgrass Manor in Auroria at -2082,-1036

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