IconDominion  Ticket to Ride
Type Quest
Level 13
MinLevel 10
Location Exo-Lab A37Deradune
Rewards 78IconCopper
Episode A Place for Everything
Next Security Sync

Objectives Edit

Description Edit

You entered Exo-Lab A37, only to find everything offline. As the holder of the access keys, you'll need to speak with the exo-lab hologram known as the Caretaker before he can assist Artemis Zin with her inquiries.

Progress Edit

You spoke with the Caretaker, who accepted your access keys. He informed you that Exo-Lab A37 has been damaged by seepage from the tar pits above, so it might not be fully functional.

Completion Edit

Speak to the Caretaker in Exo-Lab A37

External links Edit

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