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    Wildstar Guild BlogHeader

    Attention all chua-lovers! (If aurin are your thing, that's cool, too...) Now that you've got those boots of yours dirty in all the muck, dust, and fetid ooze of Nexus, we were wondering who might be crazy enough to band together with you for some good old fashioned butt-kicking. Stomping those weird Strain creatures your thing? Bashing in the skulls of other wannabe adventurers better?

    We'd like to hear about your rag-tag guild of survivors! Just post a single quality photo below (900 x 500; dancing Aurin, please) and answer this question:

    What's your guild's motto or philosophy?

    After we've figured out who's bribed us impressed us the most, we'll start thumbing through the finalists and feature the winners as future Guild of the Month! We'll send you some simple questions even a granok could understand, and you can send us back some pics and even video if you want. Your pretty little name will be slapped onto our front page and Carbine will mention you in their livestream! How 'bout them apples?

    In the meantime, you can pop a guild page onto the site! Just be sure to at least scan the Guild policy page. With your own eyes. Not with the Scanbot.

    See you on Nexus, cupcakes!

    Current guild:

    Past guilds:

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    • RWPGuildApplication

      Red Wedding Planners

      Red Wedding Planners

      "Have you tried applying yourself?"

      Caretaker - Exiles - PvX

      Play however you like so long as you aren't a tool. 

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    • Spaceballs (the guild!)

      We're your father's, brother's, nephew's, cousin's former roomate and we're combing the desert for like minded individuals!

      Caretaker Server Exiles Guild leader Daece (@DaecePyre)

      Part of the Hypnotiq Gaming Community.

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    • Exinfero1

      Some of our awesome peoples!!!

      Ex Inferno

      Don’t Be a Jerk.

      Caretaker - Exiles and Dominion - EVERYTHING :)

      (gives cookies to Raylan shhhhh)

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    • The Unknown Heroes

      Everybody needs a Hero

      Stormtalon (Exiles PvX)

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    • FP

      GA first night

      I will not post a picture of an Aurin, filthy Exiles....

      {Flying Pandas - Dominion - Stormtalon}


      From day one they will make you part of the team, We have no cliques but have great leaders that have a great system for mixing up people to get progression. I am a Panda, and I will heal the $#!t outta you while you kill stuff.

      We are recruiting (Mainly DPS but all would be most welcome) for our second GA team and future 40 Man "or person raids I should say, don't wanna be sexist" (Frost)

      Frost Hot Pepper Fire Sale

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    • Old Timers Guild Dominion - Caretaker Exile - Thunderfoot

      A multi-game, multi-faction guild community that has been around for ages (since 2005). All members are over 25 with some pushing their 80s, and we are filled with the crankiest, crotchetiest, welcoming old farts this side of Nexus. Currently working on attunement for raiding.

      Check us out! we will teach you the secrets of getting those ragamuffins and hooligans with their ipods and their technobabble off your lawns!

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    • Welcome to Cowpoc's corner of Thank you for stopping by.

      <Cowpocalypse> has invaded Nexus on Orias as Exiles! We're a group of friends who have raided dungeons and battled alliance in WoW for years. Several of us have started playing Wildstar and would love to find some like-minded people to expand our online family. A sense of humor and distinct lack of prudery are requirements, as guild banter is often goofy and adult-themed. To see if we are the right fit for you, just drop an application here on the web site (click the recruitment tab, above this text) and give us a shoutout in game. Moooooooooooooo!

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    • AesculusDancing

      In keeping with the original request, I present a dancing Aurin for your delectation and amusement.  He's not quite sure what's going on in the bar behind him, but he's sure he can explain everything officer!

      I'd like to nominate Lemmings of the Light (PvE Eko EU) for guild of the month.  Our motto is "No Lemming Left Behind" and we've been a guild since forming in WoW back on April 1st 2005.  We're a multi-gaming community with seperate guild leaders in each game, and an overall community leadership team to tie everything together.

      Check our wikia page for more info, our recruitment thread on the forums, or our website .

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