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    Hey there, cupcakes! Having fun blasting the smithereens out of stuff on your travels through the Nexus? Maybe you're tired every now and then from exploring all those nooks and crannies you really shouldn't be getting into? At some point in that furry head of yours you've considered making a little shack for yourself where you can kick up your feet, have a frothy beverage, and shoot things all from the relaxation of your sofa.

    Well, if you've already got that creaking hunk of wood pasted together, we'd like to see what you've done with the place! Just post a single quality photo below (400px max, no dancing Mordesh, please) and answer this question:

    What was the inspiration for your crib?

    After that, we'll comb through the madness, wipe off some Strain slime, and choose one each week to feature. Be sure to check your e-mails! The winners will be interviewed and their cribs will be featured on the main page and a blog, where they can provide as many pics (or even a video! Again, no dancing Mordesh...), and will be mentioned during one of Carbine's first streams each month! In addition, you may find a furball chua latched to your face with all four appendages, smothering you with kisses.

    We're trying to curb her of that.

    See you on Nexus, cupcakes!

    Current crib:

    Past cribs:

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    • Harvestar.140708.101247

      Mooseport Alley, owned by DaMoose. Evindra server.


                              It's tough to pick just one picture since I built a small city, Mooseport Alley on the Evindra server (player name "DaMoose" Exile side). Not pictured here is the back alley way leading to bum alley, the night club, and the city dump. The buildings you can go in to are the toy shop and the hospital. And to the right, also not seen, is the park district that is home to a small science lab (currently researching The Strain) and a guild hall / meeting room over looking the horizon. It's all centered around the Mooseport Bar, which is a three level area leading from the bar, to the social club, to the private office.

      The inspiration was wanting to do something a bit different from what I had been seeing at the time, where people were focusing on the interior more than the exterior. Of course that has changed quite a bit since then, and more and more housing plots like this are popping up. Which is wonderful! I am never disapointed by how amazing people are with the housing feature.

      Also there's a space taco stand. Because tacos are awesome.

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    • Pazie.140710.114127

      So mine is more tame in the look wise than most houses, wanted to make something less overly done outlook wise ^^ basicly southern style bar/cafe companied with hardworking protostar slaves! even has own garden for the kitchen with staris leading tothe kitchen itself :3

      inspiration wise i just wanted a warm comfy place to idle chat with friends at , where people could come and just sit down, roleplay if they are into it and spend time there ^^  and place for all the plushies that keeps invading my bag space >_> i tell you, plushies are evil,

      sadly the decor limit limited my decorations indoorwise alot, so it feels kind of empty there, but im happy with it till we get more decor space, if we ever get ^^ and had to leave the yard in the hands of plugs :(

      Pazie from Ascendancy Eu, Exile

      housename: Hangout place

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    • 2
      It's a shame i could only post a single picture as the inside of my house had a ton of work to it!

      But yeah,  my housing plot is a heavy Draken themed chill out area, with a cigar room upstairs filled with books and bookcases and a bar area outside and inside! 

      The house was built by me and my gf, as her character is a Cassian she built a "Drassian" (Draken / Cassians hybrids "the horror xD" ) room on the 2nd floor of our house, with a master bedroom on the 3rd floor.

      Though i hit the limit on lightning decor i do love just spendin time altering and upgrading the house as i play and have my friends give me a hand when they can. Slowly i'm changing the housing area to be infected with the strain! as yo can see on the picture ;)

      Drenic -  Lightspire -  EU RP server

      House - Sinestra Grotto RP

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    • Home 2

      It's impossible to take a picture that encompasses all the features of a house, but this is from the entrance. 

      The inspiration for my house was to create the most colorful and atmospheric house I could. I collected every glowing plant and mushroom I could to make a house that shines and glimmers as you walk through it, with something new hidden behind the thick forests. 

      The house features (among other things) an overlooking tower and an "overlord seat" 

      Pharika, House of the Afflictress, Myrcalus.

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    • These are all phenomenal - it's great to see such diversity!

      P.S. - don't worry about only having one screenshot! Those selected will be able to provide as many pics as they want, even video, too, if they desire :)

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    • Ackerley.140708.185849
      Since it's impossible to get a broad shot of my house, I figured I'd snap a picture of the boiler room and power generator.

      My plot was inspired after I finished questing in Farside and started getting ideas for a large ship interior.  Well, the ship eventually turned into an idea for a space station.  So, I went on a spending spree and built an enclosed space station that's been built into an asteroid orbitting Nexus.  After I hit the 300 outside decor limit, I had to really stretch the amount of space my spacious cassian.

      Seeing as it's meant to be a Marauder station, the house features a smuggled cargo-bay, a boiler and power station (as pictured), rooms for rent, a cafeteria styled restaurant, an "upscale" lounge, and club/bar.

      Server: Evindra (Dominion) || Plot Name: The Pulsar Crab RP ||  Owner: Ackerley

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    • Cockpitandengine
      After the first month of the game, I suddenly had an epiphany, and from that moment, I destroyed my old rockethouse design and built what I have now! And what you see here is my current cockpit and engine room, which, I think, what makes the ship!

      Originally I had quite a junker of a ship. No proper layout. Just a ton of junk thrown into it. Later, I scrapped the entire thing and stared from the ground up. I decided to go for a more cargo type ship. The current design was inspired just by sci-fi ships in general, and specifically, freighter ships from Star Wars. I wanted a lived in feel for it. And an actual ship. Not a rocket house, but the interior of an actual ship! Like, this thing has to fly and be mission worthy! I even named it... Wait.. for it... Wait for it... The Galactium Hawk. *waits for the cheers and groans*

      The first floor of the ship you can find both the cargo bay in the front, and the engine block in the back. For the second level, I went with a catwalk design where you can access the drive core and generator control panel. Finally, for the third level, there's a central compartment where more valuable cargo is held, which opens up to corriders leading to the cockpit with gunnery control room, kitchen, lounge, and private quarters of the ship!

      The area around the ship is a forest clearing where most of the cargo has been dumped off with heavy machinery as well as the ship getting its routine maintenance. I hope you all enjoy it!


      Ashton's Repair Drones

      Name: AshtonKolt - Evindra (RP-PvE) (Exiles)

      Housing Plot Name: The Galactium Hawk - Cargo Ship

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    • Monett.140630.211059

      outdoor, tower of doom




      indoor bottom lvl

      I mainly wanted to build the Tower of Sauron (lotr). Though I couldn't quite find the materials I needed. Then I also found the height lvl cap as well. So I went with my large tower of doom instead and I think it turned out quite well. It also became a bit of a jumping puzzle in a way. The inside though is what I'm most happy about. I mainly focused on if I myself was able to live in this house, what is everything that I would need. Just about everything inside would be able to be functional in an actual house. As most others have had issues with, I wish I could of made a video tour so you can see more of it than just seeing just a couple screenshots. IGN: Monett, Realm: Pago Pvp, Faction: Dominon
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    • Fel's Firefly
      Howdy, I'm usually drawn to sci fi / westerns so of course Firefly's Serenity stood out in the forefront of what I wanted to design. I built the cargo hold(pictured on left) in my ship first and kept going from there. Once I felt like the interior was somewhat finished the exterior started to look chaotic and cluttered. I basically removed everything from the outside and started fresh by closing in the entry spawn point and making a structure from that point. 

      I hit the 300/300 decor limit like so many others and had to remove quite a few things in order to furnish the interior of my exterior building. It's turned out just as I had thought it would complete with a spaceport garage, and mechanics quarters. I can't describe how easy it is to zone out for a few hours tinkering with just a few ideas on these housing plots. I'm so glad that it is part of the game :D

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    • 010

      Main entrance to ship.

      Let me tell you It's not easy being a Draken woman on Nexus.

      Day in day out this new world delivers nothing but frustrating challenges that leave me in a dusty dirty hot mess. The daily stress was taking a toll on my nerves and my hair, my poor hair! So when I saw that Protostar TV add by Phineas T. Rotostar it really spoke to me. I knew I could create a home where I could put my feet up and place that wouldn't try and kill me... basically I could build the sanctuary I needed!

      When I finally tracked down the right Protostar employee I decided on the home in the sky option because honestly at that moment I just wanted something just for me and I figured it would be harder for nosy neighbors to get to my place if it was in space.

      *takes a deep cleansing breath* It took a little while to grow but I landscaped a sub-tropical haven for myself, carved spots to place BBQ's, kiddie pools, a giant maze and spots to hang pretty Lopp lanterns and red balloons. Then I worked on creating my cozy spaceship which would offer me nothing but comfort an relief from the stresses the main land has to offer. Having a jungle like garden does come with it's draw backs, my Chua friends are convinced there are Aurin in my jungle, one Chua friend refuses to enter my place without all of his engineer bots set on attack-mode and a pocket full of poisoned cheese.... But it's home, it's my relaxing sanctuary and best of all it doesn't fry my hair!!

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    • Diva.140709.233833

      Diva's Ashland

      The first thing Axis Pheydra asks you upon entering the Dominion realm is , "Do you enjoy communing with nature?" Well, I lied when I said, "No". 

      I do enjoy nature. Despite Nexus being a newly descovered world, there are a lot less natural environments than I would like. Some have asked me why I don't just leave the Dominion and join the rebels. I still have my faith in the Dominion; I just spend most my free time under the trees of the forest I have created for my own enjoyment. You won't find any Aurin hiding here.

      Upon entering my forest, most people notice that the trees create a natural path. The forest is always dark and has an eerie ambiance. I find the forest to be quite relaxing, but some find it spooky. If you take the path to the right, you are led to the natural hotsprings overlooked by some ancient hoogle-henge. The path circles around the entire property, until you come to a garden of Stardust Elephant Tulips. Within the garden there is a bench for taking a quick rest after your long journey through the forest. If you continue to the end of the path, you will find yourself in the elite garden, full of herbs that I use to create my clothing. The thing that seperates this property from other forests is how densely packed the foilage is, and the unique ambiance almost every visitor picks up on. This was not the first forest I planted, so I was able to create this improved forest with just 151 items. I will share my secret in a video if I am one of the Weekly Cribs.

      On to the interior! I wanted the inside of my house to remain faithful to my cassian roots. The interior is juxtaposed against the very natural forest just beyond it's walls, creating an interesting tension within the atmosphere of my plot. I kept the default walls within my home, so that I could add walls and flooring for a second level. Upon entering my cassian home, you will find yourself in a corridor with some artwork on the walls. To the left is the dining room, with a feast ready for guests. There is also a small kitchen on the first level. On the second level, you can pass through the exquisite library and into my bedroom. There is a fireplace and two lounge areas for special guests. 

      My plot will be open to the public: "Ashland" on Bloodsworn (Dominion) by Diva

      This is a link to my plot:

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    • Finalion.140707.013746

      Don't fall asleep here... you might not wake up... or hope you don't.

      The good lord C'Thulhu needs servants and having a twisted Jeckle side myself we made a good pair. So I bring you "Forest of the Corrupted" Haunting enough outside you will seek safehaven inside a lone home. But inside is not what you expect... the forest hides many mysteries but an even darker secret... The upstairs reveals strange made experiments to passing by victims tired from weary travel. The Mad Scientist is clsoer then you think watching from his home floating above. Whom will the next vistim be... maybe you...?

      On a more serious note :D my plot is a haunted Forest/House type and I am loving it. I only wish I could add spooky background music. My plot is open to public but feel free to neighbor me on the Server Stormtalon Character name Finalion. Cheers!

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    • GigaJouleSation
      I figured with the war going on across Nexus, there's be pilots who could be making a killing by bringing supplies to, and resources off of the planet. Gigajoule Station is a place where these pilots could sell their wares without having to fly half across the galaxy to reach the buyer. Now I'm not exactly picky about who stores their goods here. If they pay the fee, and it isn't a fusion bomb, I don't ask questions.

      Of course, the industry side is only one floor of the station. The 2nd floor is a commercial center where merchants can set up shop for the passing pilots to peruse. There's also 2 bars, one for the more affluent with a VIP lounge, and one for the rest of you.

      Anyway, I'm at the decore limit, so now its a game of finding what I can get rid of and what I can add to the station, its an on-going battle, but worth it.

      Rusko, Bloodsworn Server, Exile.

      Set to public so feel free to drop by, and/or neighbor me if you like.

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    • DasMoose
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    • Boomtown

      Howdy again,

      I really liked my last idea of having a Firefly inspired interior so I decided to revamp my exterior and make it into a western boom town flavor. I've always been a fan of the sci fi western style. There are 7 buildings on the plot including a Saloon, Strip joint, Bank, and General Store. On the interior I've updated it recently to make use of all the space that the cargo hold was wasting. I've managed to place 2 extra floors on the ship with very little actual dead space. Complete with Firefly's layout on the top floor of Cockpit, Crew quarter drop down entrances and Engine room.

      If you're on Bloodsworn(pvp) go ahead and add me as a neighbor or just poke around with The Visitor addon. Character name is Felthorne. 

      I did of course hit the 300/300 on the exterior so there are 3 buildings that I have on the plot look abandoned and strain infested. Times are tough in a Boom Town. 

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    • Hey there,


      An alien landscape unbound: LV-426 (Malzek-Evindra)

      Originally, my plot was designed as an experiment to see how well one could emulate terrain sculpting features using what tools I had.  Over time, I created a mountainrange and canyon that included a custom jumping challenge and hidden retreat.  In the end, I even enclose my house in the mountains and adjusted the rocks around it to form a cave mouth - thus, my house became a base hidden in a cave.  Out of fear of inserting the Magma Flow FABKit making me how to re-do the mountainrange, I didn't place it and so the plot was bare and resembled a mesa.  My neighborcount had jumped up due to the high concept of mountains and curiosity was abound... but I wasn't satisfied, and was only Level 15 at the time.

      After hitting Level 35 and completing a quest chain in the northern part of Farside that was very obviously inspired by one of my favorite movie franchises of all time, inspiration struck again: I would transform my plot into an alien landscape like none other.  Thus, my plot was renamed LV-426 after the inspiration and it's namesake.  In origin, LV-426 was the name of a planetoid from which a distress beacon was discovered in the movie Alien.  It was thought to be a "rock" with "no indigineous life."  The landscape was harsh, dark and terrifying to traverse, even before and after terraforming began.  A derelict spacecraft was found - and a clutch of alien eggs with hit - and that discovery set in motion horrific events to be played out throughout the franchise and spinoffs.  All of these were themes I incorporated into my plot in what ways I could and with hidden caves, crevices and having built vertically no one screenshot can truly tell you the depth of detail worked into the plot.

      The original structure remained untouched and I began to cover up any sign of what the plot originally looked like - there was to be no grass or pretty skies, but dark, volcanic-like rock and a harsh landscape.  The base in the cave was turned into a laboratory for running experiments on the alien biology of the planetoid, and a generator placed outside to represent the terraformer on LV-426 proper.  Hidden in the mountainous terrain was the clutch of alien eggs and their queen.  The 300/300 limit was easily reached with over a third of it dedicated to the items that give the plot it's unique atmosphere and out-of-this-world texture.  It's a far reach from the overly large amount of taverns, forests and hoverboard parks you see when bouncing from plot to plot.  It's alien, and that's the purpose.

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    • Hai there,

      I've built my place around my character, as a Role Player I play with an aurin who is a healer with a druid-ish design. So for my place I went for this idea in my head.

      As my character is an Aurin it was obvious that I want something like... a forest. I aimed for this, it took a few weeks o
      Noxxi Forest
      f planning to be sure what I want to build, sadly for first time I didn't counted for the decor limit, but I think at the end I solved the problem even if I got to 300/300 very quickly. I wanted the place to look like an actual hidden zone, a forest shomewhere. I wanted to make it believable, that if anyone visits the place to feel like the person is inside a dense forest. So I also blocked the outside of the plot with trees on the edges, so pretty much normally no one can see out and gives more of the impression of being in a forest. But on the other hand I went with the idea of offering some sorts of relaxation for people, like people can come and just simply relax. So my place consists of a hot springs spot, a quiet meditation spot, a fountain where people can sit down next to it and talk, a barbecue spot to eat, also built a room where people can get massages, everyone likes massages, right? I've also hid a little quiet dating spot for two person if.. anyone ever wishes to date with someone, hehe. For additional, as a healer character, I've built a separated medication station, which includes the massage room, so if anyone wants a relaxing massage can hear the suffering from other people from the other room.

      Making the insid
      e of the house was a bit harder, I wanted to stay with the Aurin and calm relaxing theme. So later at time I changed to spacious house in hope it has much more space than I remembered. Luckily it had, so I've built a second floor inside. On the main hall where people enter the house I've built a small bar where people can talk and drink or even play darts or card games. Upstairs I've built a small library/study room if anyone wants to separate themselves from the other and read in silence. The "cellar" that comes with the spacious aurin house, well I've made it into my character's room, I built some self made doors that I can move to close the room, so people other than me can't enter, I made the same type of movable door for the hallway too.


      So at the end my place offers: a hot springs/spa, a quiet meditation spot, a hidden dating spot, a medical station, a massage room, a bar, a library/study room, a fountain to chill at and a small barbecue spot to eat next to the house; and of course my character's own room.

      Noxxi - EU - Lighspire

      The Dreamers Grove

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    • Etaplot zpsb730669d

      Welcome to Mordor meets Death Mountain, or as I call it, Misery Mountain.

      I love building things that are definitely not houses. Plus, who needs a house when you can have a mountain? The mountain itself has multiple chambers inside it, and under it. The plot also has a large crag that serves as a watch tower (the picture was taken from the watch tower's top).

      Nearly all of the mountain is climbable, and the only way you can reach the upper levels is through jump puzzles.

      The interior of the mountain features a bar, as well as an eating area filled with meat.

      The watch tower has a lower chamber, an upper lounge room, and a top balcony.

      The central tower on top of the mountain features the private quarters of the commander.

      Beneath the mountain is a forge/weapon room, as well as the main treasure horde.

      As mentioned above the inspiration was mostly Mordor, and a bit of Death Mountain. I focused heavily on mostly stone architecture, and a crude, low-tech set up. Something you would see in more simple times, no lasers, no holograms, nothing fancy. Good old fashioned stone, wood, and metal. Throw in a bit of Pell and Osun flare, and you've got my plot.

      I really wanted to make something where people forget they're even visiting a house.

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    • Starship

      Starship Skuterprise

      Come aboard the Starship Skuterprise! 

      I was inspired by one simple thought, build a friggin starship! Who has watched Star Trek / Star Wars / Battlestar Galactica and hasn't found them self wanting to be on a starship? I used the edge of the plot to simulate a force field from sucking the cargo bay, weapons, engine room, crew quarters, cryo bay, medical bay and Ten forward right into the emptyness of space! I wanted it to feel like a starship speeding through space on it's way to some unknown planet. 

      This was my second plot that I made an alt specifically to build. My main is Skut on Bloodsworn and my alt for this plot is Odetta. Feel free to neighbor and come aboard today! 

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    • Orbital Station XJ985

      Once I plugged my ship in, I expanded on the idea of this being an orbital station where people of all races would land their intergalactic ships before beaming down to Nexus. In the background of the sky you will see other plots so I designated mine with a number XJ985 to have a fitting name.

      I have surrounded the entire skyplot with glowing hexagonal walls that in my head is what maintains the atmosphere on the orbital station, and protects visitors from the ravishing effects of the world-eater that is hovering just off the left of the screen. I lined as much of the dirt floor with cassian floors as I could (FABkits blocking it sucks) and made 3 levels.

      Using stairs to navigate the 3 levels, you see level one contains my house/ship parked in the center, the FABkits, a wrap-around wall, a diner/bar for patrons. There are 3 ships on the second level, monitors, and in the left of the image you'll see a Trophy-Area where travelers have placed their findings for display for other traveler's enjoyment, The third level contains access to the jumping puzzle, and more room for ships. Each of the levels contains multiple monitors of various types to illustrate the orbital stations Nexus-Monitoring programming to ensure visitors are accurately beamed to the right locations on the planet as well as creating flightpaths for when travelers wish to leave nexus and visit other places.

      The 3rd floor Jump Puzzle that wraps around the 3rd floor reaching your character to about 300 Y-axis (for reference, the highest you can place an item's base is just under 100 Y-axis). I had to adjust the FoV a bit to get more info in the image. All of my FABkits are (will be when i get the last one I am looking for) space-related and/or technical challenges and expeditions.

      I have also put in a lot of work on the inside of my home to look like a fully functional, yet livable, actual ship capable of traveling through space, including a storage area with crates.

      Feel free to neighbor up, it's also public, so you can also use /visit (AKA The Visitor) to visit, do some challenges, and otherwise enjoy. (I recommend visiting, there is so much going on that this image misses.) -- Necridious, Bloodsworn, Exile, Mordesh Medic

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    • StrainSmall
      Welcome to Extreme Makover: Strain Edition. This house was inspired by the one and only Mr. "The Entity". I am a big fan of his work and his whole "Take over the world" business model. I feel like it helps the community a lot and will aid nexus in becoming a better place!

      This Plot includes the following: Low-Grav Jump Pads, Mineral Deposit T4, Strain Maw (Acts as a great bath), GrimVault Biome, Corrupted Laboratory and a fully functional Jumping Puzzle.

      For the Strain looking ground i used the "Strain Eye Patch" decor item you can see in the screen shot and turned them upside down, It can make the place a little harder to navigate but it makes it feel like Grimvault all over again!

      I started off with a forest house however as soon as the strain patch launched I knew I was going to be making a strain house. After doing all of the Blighthaven Content, I farmed the challenges to get a few of the challenge only items and then got stuck into it. The whole build cost me around 3-4hours (Of building) and rouhgly 8Platinum(Not including house), because Strain Maw FABkit is 70g and Corrupted Laboratory is 4Platinum(WEEERTH IT). More Imgaes:

      Video (Slightly Outdated):

      You can find my house by coming to Myrcalus(PvE) and adding Cookiezz as a neighbour or just drop by (My house is public).

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    • Added the link to my video in the first post.

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    • Plushie Kingdom

      This is the entry way to my plushie kingdom. Inside the house is way cool, however by being limited to only ONE photo I thought this was the best way to show my inspiration. My goal is to gather as many plushies as I can to use them to tell a story within my housing plot.

      As you can see from the image the leader of this kingdom is the King Lopp sitting proudly on his gigantic throne.  The yetis are, to their dismay, the mortal enemies of this proud nation. Should they stumble in whether on their own accord, or just mere coincidence they will be promptly captured and put on display in order to warn others of their kind that they are NOT welcome. Apart from their deplorable treatment of the yeti race, the Plushie Kingdom residents are primarily a happy bunch participating in legendary week long Lopp Parties. It has been rumored however that they have a secret tactical room where they plot their next attack on the neighbouring yeti tribes. No one quite knows when or why the feud between the Lopp and the Yetis started, but some believe it is due to the mass amount of treasure collected as tribute to the Holy Carrot the one true God in the eyes of a Lopp. Though many Yetis have come to steal the treasure, through careful observation and top notch security not one shinny has been taken. 

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    • Lawlsagna1

      View from the entrance.

      Hello! I modeled this house after a lovely Asian inspired tea house that I found on google. I've been building various houses for friends, and was looking for some inspiration for my next house when I stumbled across this image. After studying the image for a few hours and working out various details in my head, I started construction. The plot includes both a tier 4 mineral fabkit as well as a tier 4 garden fabkit, combining both functionality and form, although there are no challenges as they prevent decor placement. The main construction decor used was Tiki Roofs, Aurin Floors, Metal Wall Dividers, Granok Pillars, and Staircase Landings to cover a Cozy Chua house that can be accessed from the inside of the tea house.

      Feel free to check out the rest of my album , as this screen shot isn't the best, in my opinion, but it is almost the same angle as my inspiration picture which I felt was important to include with my response. Good Luck everyone! :D

      Lawlsagna / Dominion / NA - Widow 

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    • Undersea-Salvage-0014
      Welcome to Soupy's Seafloor Salvage Site 0016. Strap on that scuba suit, secure a seafaring starship submarine, and start swimming... Susan.

      The inspiration for this place was Carnival of Animals: Aquarium which I actually listened to on loop for much of this plot's construction. Well, that and the total lack of houses I've seen utalizing the "underwater" sky option.

      I wanted to make something haunting and strange so it features a bioluminescent cavern, and starship converted to a submarine, ancient seafloor ruins, and loads of otherworldly plantlife. Not to mention the pirate treasure.

      Seafloor Salvage 0016 by Soupy, Aurin Stalker/Soldier on Bloodsworn. It's public so come check it out yourself. Try to find all 5 treasue chests.

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    • I just wanted to make something that I thought people would think was really cool and immediately made you say wow entering the skyplot and this is how it turned out.
      Vellgar's Boat

      I did know I wanted to do a boat and figure out a way to create water at first since I figured that would make it more unique but I started on it and just pretty much ran with it.  I will say when I created the boardwalk I was extremely excited because I knew I got that to look great, but when it came to the boat it got tricky using angles and scaling to get a 'good enough look' with the items present.  Also I hit the item limit making the boat and so I didnt get to do any details or real customization to the boat that I think really would have made it pop! Was supposed to be a party boat lol.

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    • ProfAlgernonDowning.140723.102837

      Downing Academy at Thayd (Main Atrium)

      Downing Academy at Thayd is a place of learning for those new to Nexus looking to educate themselves a bit about the planet and the things on it before venturing into the big, bad world beyond. The main atrium here features portaits of the founders' adopted parents and a skylight, as well as hints of classrooms beyond.

      DAaT is a custom-built structure covering the housing plot and the two 1x1 plots closest to the teleporter. It offers classes in a broad range of subjects. "Nexian Cultre 101" and the second-tier class "Nexian Culture 201: Extinct Societies" (both visible in the upper right). Below there is "Nexian Chemistry/Biology/Alchemy 102." On the west side of the campus is "Nexian Flora/Fauna 103" as well as "Combat Tactics and Strategies," the latter of which includes full use of the outdoor training facilities: a training dummy, a holographic sparring enemy generator, and a top-of-the-line Protostar Hazard Training Course, all generously donated by The Protostar Corp ©.

      The second floor of the west side is completely dedicated to student housing and recreation. A full kitchen, lounge, fireplace, library, bar, rec room (including ping pong and card tables) as well as sleeping arrangements for a modest amount of students.

      Finally, on the housing plot itself (and hidden by the walls of the building) is a cozy exile house. With only the front door/stairs visible, it has been turned into the dean's office. It includes a desk, shelves, books, campus security, and a second story living space for the dean himself.

      My inspiration for DAaT was twofold. First, it stemmed from my desire to play with informed, educated players that appreciated the intricacies of WildStar's combat style (interrupts being key, the telegraph system, etc.) as well as my love of lore and the backstory of this wonderfully fleshed-out world.

      Secondly, my character's mosstache. You should see this thing, it's epic. During character creation, I realized right away I had to have it. I thought it looked like a British explorer's turn-of-the-century 'stache which, in turn, inspired me to come up with a human name (ProfAlgernonDowning). Then, the wheels really started turning: why does a granok have a human name? Maybe he was adopted by humans. Maybe someone abandoned a baby granok outside one of the Arkship classrooms (what better place to insure care for a child, right?) Maybe he had a hard time being a granok raised by humans, maybe he lashed out with his great rock strength, and maybe his father replied "your strength is only as potent as the brains behind it," ultimately inspiring HIM to continue his parent's legacy of learning to this new home of his.

      One picture obviously won't do this creation justice. Only a couple classrooms are visible, none of the housing/rec areas or outdoor training facilities are in sight, and the dean's office is fully unexplored. It would be an honor to be chosen and given the privilege of displaying these areas for your viewing pleasure.

      Thank you for your consideration.

      -The Professor

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    • My insipiration for the housing plot is that I was previously a Marauder Captain on the Sea Witch vessel, who crash landed on Nexus. I preceded to collect allies and resources while pillaging from the Exiles and Dominion with the help of some Osun friends. Soon after I was able to settle down in peace and luxury in my Marauder Captain's Haven ;)

      Links to the Video:

      Links to imgur :

      Here are some links to an album and video I just posted a day or 2 ago, thanks ! 

      Stormtalon - Exiles - In game name : Ashmadai


      Marauder Captain's Haven

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    • Another strain plot. Just wanted to feel the strain baby.

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    • Biotox's House

      What was the inspiration for your crib? Well one of the first things I ever made on my plot was a Sky Bar, but I didn't have a real theme to build off of so i just had random items scattered about. Then oddly enough I was watching Vegas Vacation, and during the scene where they are driving down the Strip I just happened to look at a Giant Crowded Grave I had on my plot, and it just hit me to create a Vegas themed plot.

      Here is a Video Showing my Entire Plot.

      Biotoxx - Dominion - Pergo

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    • My inspiration was the strain. I figured with the whole Mordesh having a virus or what have you and the strain being a virus (least that's my take on the strain) It would make sense for a Mordesh to live amongst it so he can study it further. I've added  few things, incl a fish tank filled with strain so he can study it from inside the safty of his house. As far as the house goes... I dunno just wanted it to be livable and asides from that didn't have any real plan on decororating.

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    • Envixia.140724.054219Envixia.140724.054342

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    • Theatre


      I was inspired to build a home movie theatre because the spacious aurin house has a basement and I wanted to display my travel posters. Above the theatre is a secret ikthian/strain lab inspired by my inner mad scientist.

      Master bed

      Master bedroom

      This is my master bedroom and more representative of the rest of my home. I wasn't happy with any of the default beds, so I decided to build my own. It is done in the Aurin-style.

      Outdoor layout

      Garden of Eden

      This is an overview of the outside. My inspiration was "Garden of Eden" the name of my housing plot. There are 7 sections, each representing one of the deadly sins. Each section is also colour-coordinated and has plushies interacting with the environment. From left to right are lust (pink/purple), wrath (red), sloth (blue), and gluttony aurin-style (orange). Not shown are pride (purple), greed (gold), and envy (green). My house is set to public on Stormtalon server, feel free to visit anytime :)
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    • Thought I'd throw my hat in the ring and shoot for Crib of the Week.  I call this place the "Gloamwood Heights Lounge".  I wanted to create a place that would look great but with a sinister feel to it, and no simple FABkit would do.  The result was a meticulously detailed Cassian style hookah lounge.  When asked about the house, I've been telling people that the previous owner was a Cassian, and for the price I got the house at, it should be a crime!  Especially if anyone investigated it!  ...Ok, his head is hanging on the wall, technically it was a crime.

      Draken shiek on the first floor, Cassian casual on the second floor.  More pictures can be found here.

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       Long day of boss grinding, or tiring matches of wrecking face against the hated Exiles? It's time to relax and head to your cozy little home in the sky. What could be better? How about we lose the 'little' part and drop a massive Castle down?! Hungry? Grab some grub in the full-size kitchen, or get ready for those fancy parties but setting the mood in the large mess hall where all your guildies can hang out. Feel safe and secure with the hilarious Skeech guarding your back while you sleep. Or just have faith the massive Dominion-Themed Turrets will blow anything out of the sky before your little blue friends have to lift a finger.

      Character Name: Adydis

      Server: Orias (NA) PvEPlot Name: Chateau De AdyFaction: Dominion

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    • Bridger.140804.172511

      Nexus-style Batmobile

      This was my take on the Caped Crusader... Nexus style.  Created my own Batcave with all the neccesities:  Batmobile, Batwing, Batcomputer, Batsuit and every other Bat-thing a crime fighter might need. 

      Well, maybe not EVERYTHING.  Even Batman can't deal with decor limits.  It's still very much a work in progress, but the majority of the work has already been done.  Swing by and see it!

      Character Name: Bridger

      Server: Caretaker (NA) PvE

      Faction: Exile

      Plot Name: Wayne Manor  

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    • Dublin Dominion on Widow 


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    • All absolutly wonderful - and some terrifying :)  These have all given me some ideas of where I'd like to go with my little ol plot.


      • Be sure to check your emails to see if you've been notified!  I neglected to put this in the original post and it has since been corrected.
      • Due to space constraints, pics posted here should preferably be no more than 400px wide.  I've gone through and edited the bigger ones.  Limit the number of pics, too!
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    • This is my Exile Starship/Starfighter. It is my attempt to bring to life a capable (Though largely modified with salvaged Dominion technology retrieved after battles) Starship on a grand scale. Nose to tail and wing to wing it encompasses the entire plot. I was both inspired by what I was seeing people do with their Piglet home in addition to growing up with Star Wars, Star Trek, Buck Rogers, the original Battlestar Galactica, Firefly and a host of other great sci-fi movies and television shows. Although it is not as striking as my imagination would like it to be due to 'placed item' limitations, I am holding out hope that I can add to it later should that restriction be easied a little. In the meantime, thank you for allowing me to share my creation! Enjoy!
      Celesteria.140808.225622 - Copy2
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    • Tsukikyo

      Tsukikyo, the Wildstar Dojo

      This is Tsukikyo, the Japanese dojo created entirely in Wildstar's geometry, and a shell placed over the outside AND inside of the house's geometry.  My insipration is, of course, my time spent in Japan.  I love the Kansai region, and the shrines and temples there are stunning.  Tsukikyo is based off of Toshodaiji in Nara and Kinkakuji in Kyoto .  It has a Koi Pond, a Zen Garden, a Rock Garden,  Festival Zone, and my Tradeskill station (Where I fabricated the over 350 Metal Planks and Metal Dividers used to create the internal and external structure!).

      My crowning achievement is that the Dojo has an opening where you can enter the interior of the house, and I have completely skinned on the inside a full Dojo, a living quarters (kitchen, pantry, living area, bedroom, bathroom, and den), and science lab.

      You can see the full video tour on Youtube .

      The piece uses 300/300 Exterior pieces, and now 350/500 Interior pieces as well.


      Tsukiko, The Wolves of Thayd, Caretaker Server (Exile)

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    • Ladies Poolside Paradise

      Exterior Deck with built in fire pit and pool.

      When deciding which picture to choose of the 46 external or 31 interior pictures from my albums. We choose the image you would see as you run up to the house.  What better way to enjoy your time off after a long day of leveling or killing bosses. How about resting poolside or roasting marshmallows on your amazing fire pit? Or how about watching guild members jousting for honor from your very own Throne of Swords?  Both can be achieved on this dual project designers housing plot!

      From Interior Wildstar decorator and designer "Ladie" the inspiration came from a very interesting place sometimes normal, sometimes not so much. Her direct response to being asked about her inspiration she immediately responded with, "Sometimes normal has a dark side, and everyone loves a good throne!"

      From exterior Wildstar architect and contractor “Marcult” (me) the inspiration started when I was contracted to build a deck on the front of the house with a built in fire pit.  Which I had done a few times before with great success however, this time was different and suddenly the concept of the deck took on a whole new meaning.  I had not seen many attempts at creating pools on the forums, twitter, or reddit and thus my challenge was inspired and the O.C.D bug in my brain could not let it go.  The end result became a full deck, a pool, a built in fire pit, Tiki bar, and volleyball net.  This is all done as an inspirational and fun place to hangout for guild members, neighbors or literally anyone who wishes to stop by and hangout.

      The current plot uses all 800 décor items:  586 inside, 212 outside, and 2 waiting in the crate for a weird mannequin bug to be fixed.  Ladies crowning achievement is the Game of Thrones “Throne of Swords”, and my crowning achievement was the combination deck and pool.

      Character:  Ladie

      Server:  Stormtalon

      Faction:  Exile

      Plot Name:  Ladies Poolside Paradise

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    • Crib

      Racers in action!

      Hi everyone! I'd like to introduce the Katia Prix 1000, the first of a 3-track series of racing courses!

      Character: KatiaRacer

      Faction: Exiles

      Server: Evindra

      Being a race, it's difficult to capture the feel of the plot with a static picture.  Thankfully, one my racers was nice enough to take a video!  (Thanks Eco!)  I hope it's alright to include it:)



      There is a starting gate that I crate to start of the race evenly for everyone, and the finish line is that giant tube you see in the background.  In close races, I can determine the winner by checking the combat logs for fall damage to see who fell down the tube first :)

      This is more of a mini-game/contest than a crib, but it's been gaining a lot of participants and a has its own little community now:)  We have races every night, and championship races every Saturday!  Our largest championship race so far had over a dozen racers in each of two speed brackets (we have yet to have enough players with the 80plat upgrade to make a bracket for them).  Plus another 30 or so viewers in the spectator section!  Racers compete both to get some fabulous prizes, and also for a chance to immortalize their glory with a custom nameplate (done via a limited invitation circle), and a public engraving of their names in the Hall of Champions on my main Katia's plot!

      This was inspired by Mario Kart, along with the desire to see more mini-games and alternate kinds of fun activities in WildStar ^_^

      Update: The Prix 1000 was just featured on the Nexus Report as the Epic Moment of the Week! ^_^

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    • Well with only being allowed one picture it is hard to show off my plot.

      Got as much of the full picture as I could. The treehouse really needs a closer look all around to appreciate it.

      Character: Disappurr

      Server: Evindra

      I have built a large treehouse in the back of my plot which you can see behind my house. My inspiration was basically to have a place that was very colorful and very aurin-like.  I started out by making the cozy exile house a bit more fitting with the motif by fitting a Dreamcap Mushroom over the roof. The interior has a custom second story with a bedroom and a work station while the downstairs has a kitchen and a dining room.

      After that I built the deck off of the side of the house for an area to relax and after trying my hand at building a structure I got the idea to build a treehouse! Building a large structure that is free standing on its own is a bit of a challenge with lots of alignment and precise placement of objects and took a lot of time. The treehouse is situated atop a large Algoroc Bent Tree and has a railed deck that surrounds the entire structure. On the largest part of the deck there is a dancing floor and a tiki bar with a spotlight which can be seen in the picture. The interior has two floors which both have bedrooms, the second floor being the master bedroom with much more room and decor. There is also a chair swing hanging below the treehouse for relaxation.

      I used the last of my very limited item spaces I had left after the large build I added some Aurin Lamps and planted some Massive Mangrove trees around the plot to match the wonderful Celestion Biome to the left of the treehouse. Looking forward to the day where I can change the terrain and music to match the theme :)

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    • Sunkentreasure

      How can I choose just one photo?!

      Character: Fire

      Server: Evindra

      Faction: Dominion

      House name: "Sunken Treasure"

      This plot started one night when a friend and me were joking about using 100 treasure piles to make Scrooge McDuck's money bin from Duck Tales, when the idea for a sunken ship full of gold hit me. At first there was a lot of head scratching on how I could possibly build an entire ship from the items availiable, but i really wanted to try and get an underwater sky plot to work. So here you see the view as you enter the plot with the ship broken into two halfs, with wooden planks covering the ocean floor. not shown is a submersible exploring the wreck from the other side, and a hidden cave below the aft section of the ship full of underwater plants. The ship itself has several layers and staircases inside and I really like the how the broken up look turned out.  Overall I'm pleased with how it came out, and in does have an underwater feel despite the sort of odd way the sky works. :)

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      Character : Showtyme

      Server: Thunderfoot

      Faction: Dominion

      House name: "Templars Fortress"

      After watching dozens of videos on youtube about the amazing housing plots other players have built. I decided to try and build something amazing of my own. It started off as a small draken house. Inside this house I built a spiral staircase, a ritual room, and added 4 levels. After the inside was done I had nothing left to do. I started searching for ideas for the outside of house when a guild mate gave me the idea to build a castle. After two days of brainstorming I came up with the idea of the fortress. It has 3 levels and 7 rooms. These rooms include a ritual room (cassian house), its very own treasure room, graveyard and sacrificial lair. There are plans to expand upon this castle, but due to the 300 item level outside I have been delayed. 

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    • Warpath City

      Warpath City

      Hello everyones, i am excited to show you all my custom made Guild City that i named Warpath City. It originally was created in july by me Carrier and my friend PushO for our PVP guild <Warpath> on bloodsworn. In this city we have a custom Arena, Bar and a auditorium for our meetings.

      I encourage you to check out the video i made for those that havent seen it yet, that cover the whole city in dept. Enjoy and thank you!

      Don't hesitate to add me to your neightbor if you wish to visit our city!

      Carrier <Warpath> of bloodsworn

      Wildstar Housing Warpath City02:39

      Wildstar Housing Warpath City

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    • Character : Snerry

      Server: Ikthia

      Faction: Exile

      House name: "Endzeit Jump Puzzle"


      Around my House


      Entrance to the Jump Puzzle

      Its hard to make a screen that shows much of my housing plot because i put alot of detail in almost every corner (and ofc because of the dusty sky!).. Its basically a Steampunk Area, where abandoned robotic parts lie around, with some nature growing through everywhere. The inside of the house is kept in a Wildstar-like style with a little steampunk flavour to it. The heart of my plot is the jumping puzzle, which goes all around the whole area up into the sky into a secret eldan treasure chamber... its freakin hard and takes some time to master! Being a game designer, i had alot of fun working with the housing tools and spent countless nights on making this house awesome.

      I got ninja "showcased" by Arkship some weeks ago where they were filming the inside of my house when it was still under construction, heres the youtube link for that: (starting at 2:23)

      The inspiration for my crib came from games like Crysis, Borderlands and starwars. I love the apocalyptic/futuristic athmosphere and abandoned hightech constructs (like the eldan robots) and nature growing back on them.

      That said, hope you like my crib and for the love of god, change the deco limit to 600+ outside!!! <3

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    • Thnesko.140824.134334
      Character : Thnesko

      Server : Caretakerr

      Faction : Exile

      It was not easy picking one picture that can shows all of the time and hard work put into this house. The story behind this house is my friends and I wanted a place to come and hang out during down time. So we made this massive house with 4 floors, 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a full kitchen topped of with a game room as seen in the picture. Hope you like it and i'm looking forward to sharing the rest of this massive house with everyone!

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    • Character: Razzi

      Razzi Residence and Laboratory

      Server: Evindra (RP-PvE)

      Faction: Dominion

      Hello all. This is my personal skyplot which I simply like to call: "Razzi's Residence & Laboratory" (Actual plot name: Razzi Residence). This is where I go about my daily life of eating, drinking, sleeping, watching television and doing scienc-y things in the name of the Dominion.  The plot is split into one of two parts: The main household and the lab that's built right on top of it. I wanted to post seperate images that display all the details but sadly, I can only seem to post a few,


      Razzi's Inner Lab

      y, a few pictures alone isn't enough to show exactly what I've accomplished with my skyplot, so I have prepared this imgur album that shows off every little detail for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

      Video walkthrough:

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    • Character: Nipper

      Server: Pergo

      Faction: Dominion

      Hmmm...  I made an esper chua (a.k.a. chaotic evil rat) so I needed a spooky house.  :)  I actually wanted to make some screenshots that I could use in a dark themed screensaver and/or desktop backgrounds.  I tried to make clear "picture-esk" views each with either Hoogles or a statue in sight.   I am most proud of the wood giant rising, as he glares down on the fire torches in front of my house.

      My plot is open to the public, so come on by!

      Haunted Forest 2

      Wood Giant rises.

      I also made a few background screenies here:

      Hope you enjoy (or you may be in my next experiment). >:)

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    • Dranik home 1

      Dranik's Eldan Cruiser

      Character: Dranik

      Server: Bloodsworn

      Faction: Dominion

      From the beginning I loved the idea of a spaceship home. But while the Piglet is nice, it wasn't entirely appropriate for my Chua. What was appropriate, you might ask? Why small Eldan cruiser, of course! And so over the course of his adventures Dranik set about upgrading his once humble spaceship into something virtually unrecognizable from the chubby red craft which fell screaming from the skies at level 14. Gleaming Eldan tech cases the exterior while the interior has been remodeled into a two level layout complete with workshop, kitchen, bedroom, display room, and den.

      Surrounding the ship is a mixture of lush gardens, frolicking Lopps, and enough "defensive" weaponry to ensure that no one disturbs the peace and joy of this floating Home Sweet Skyrock. 

      This one photo doesn't even begin to show off the ship and plot so please check out this album for many more views!

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    • Wildhome

      Front door

      Character: Hora

      Server: Stormtalon

      Faction: Exiles

      I chose what amounts to my front door on my housing plot.  You can't see much of my house as I have it under a massive mangrove tree, I also have used plants to force a path around my house. I had a few inspirations, one of the primary being to annoy one of my friends that visits and harvests. He didn't like the placement of one of my trees originally because he had to run around it instead of being able to do a straight line to the garden/thicket to harvest.  I then, in response decided to make the path to my garden and thicket as convoluted as possible to maximize his annoyance.

      Another inspiration was having very large trees and being an explorer, both by nature and in game path.  I then used mushrooms and logs to create a tree climb with a multi-level tree house that I continually modify.  My treehouse is high enough that you will die should you fall, which my friend did, so to annoy him should he die again, I used thorny tangles to make my graveyard a cave. The front door is such a small part it's really hard to just use one screenshot.

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    • Kroloth.140903.115559
      Character: Kroloth

      Server: Orias

      Faction: Exiles

      A friend of mine said someone should create a chessboard and then make someone your roommate so you could play a game of chess with them. I took it a step further and made a Chess Battle Arena.

      Plushies vs Statues

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    • House1
      Char: Randel

      Server: Hazak

      Faction: Dominion

      House name: Abra's Den 

      The inspiration was from the CS map in 1.6 where you are in a kitchen, you can run under the table and feel like a mouse or anything smal. Seeing how large you could make things in waldstar, I thought what the largest house you could make would look like, I LIKED THE RESULT. With it being finished in some sense (with more easter eggs always to come) thought it could be fun to let other people se it.

      Here are some more pictures to give you an idea of how big it is: More house pictures

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    • HI!!!  I would love to submit my little piece of Nexus for the Crib of the Week!

      Name: Doom Kitty

      Plot name: The NIght Garden

      Server: Entity (Exile)

      This is the Night Garden. I wanted to create a perfect balance of creepy/cute and a home I felt most suited the owner. A dark and sumptuous spacious Aurin home is nestled in the center of a lush, night blooming garden. Many FIENDishly fab ammenities on site including a customized crafting station, Creepy Cave, Webbed Wood, treehouse tea room and hookah lounge, and 'cute' date spots throughout. Just mind the tiny horde of recently deceased lopps shambling their back to the party..... they just want to keep dancing!


      Ancestral shrine and graveyard picnic


      Main Foyer

       Inside, the foyer has a massive aquarium where rescued aquatic animals are rehabilitated before being relased back into the wild. The great room is full of Winterfest spirit with a Holiday tree brimming with wonderous gifts! Warm yourself by the fireplace in a rich, Bohemian style setting, or head up the the second floor study for some quiet research time. On the top floor is the gaming loft and toy room (read: plushie shrine). gather with friends for a movie night or play games on the NeXboX.

      Below the kitchen is the hallway to Doom's private chambers - bedroom, spa bath, and a dressing room fit for a Matria!

      Sound fun? Then swing by for a visit any time! It's always open for guests. (Just be sure to say 'hello' to Snibbles, the garden gnome, who watches the house)

      Hugs and Plushies!

      Doom XOXOXO

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    • Awesome! You will be hearing from me soon!

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    • Name: TigerWhisperer Heartsong - Entity - Exile

      Lions Den Castle was inspired by my interest and love for most things Medieval. I own a full suit of steel plate and chain armor that I wear to Renaissance Festivals and events and collect all kinds of curios reflecting that time period. I wanted to bring a taste of this to Nexus as my home and so built Lions Den Castle! (with some Wildstar flair. After all... This is NEXUS!) Lions Den Castle contains a bedroom for the princess of the realm, living quarters, a jacuzzi with REAL
      Lions Den Castle

      Lions Den Castle

      water effects, interior housing jacuzzi garden tub, library, armory, treasure room, med and engineer's lab, grand ballroom, feasting hall and kitchen, scenic overlook, sitting room and more! Enjoy!
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    • Well, that puts my Hooglehouse to shame. I had to quit on it when I hit the (then) 300 piece limit and never got back into working on it. I have every intention of tearing it down  completely and starting over as soon as the next drop hits with the new building blocks. This looks really cool! I would love to feature it and come visit if it's set to open access. I enjoyed your last entry, but think I like this one better. Maybe because I'm a big fan of the whole castles/dragons genre. :)

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    • I am humbled by the compliment! Thank you so very much. I believe everybody should be proud of their hard work in housing. I can appreciate everyone's housing efforts regardless of *eye candy* because it relfects their unique personality, tastes, labor and passions... I can't wait for the next drop also and am just now breaking ground on my next project. I am also a HUGE fan of the fantasy/castles/dragons genre. (Started playing pen-and-paper D&D in the early 80s and my love for this genre has only grown since) I am flattered that you would like to feature it and Lions Den Castle is set to public open access and you and anyone else are most welcome to visit, enjoy the grounds and take an arm-load of ore home with you when you leave! :-) I was also heavily restricted with the 300 piece decor cap with my last entry... What a difference another 700 makes! I wish we had another 1,000! Please feel free to visit and enjoy!

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    • Oh... And be sure to 'click' on the security door as you pass through the drawbridge on the right to access the housing interior. It will open for you and allow you access to the opulent living quarters. You can even ride on the 'rocking horse' in the princess' bedroom. I won't tell ;-)

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    • House

      Enlyl Stormgunner, realm: Entity

      Playing back in Beta, I fell in love with housing. Once I found the secret Alice in Wonderland Explorer cave, I knew I had to make a Wonderland themed plot.

      There are a ton of small secret areas, jumping puzzles, and even a hidden tiki bar. Inside, I tried making every room at a different angle. The results might make you sea sick!

      As soon as you enter the plot, you immediately feel shrunk down. It was a lot of fun to make, I hope you visit!

      Enlyl Stormgunner, (Exile) PVE Entity

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    • I'm back with a nearly finished plot. (The Custom 'Piglet Starfighter' is a work in progress but doesn't seem to generate the same interest as the life-size Star Wars At-At (inspired) Walker! After realizing this I have opened up the plot to the public even in its unfinished state. Take the grav-pad up to the skywalk and enter the At-At through the security door at the rear of the walker. From here have fun exploring! Be sure to take the ramp down at the rear of the 'Tie Fighter' bay to get a view on the maintenance walk under the At-At's belly and also visit the ramp on the highest interior level to exit a door on top of the At-At for a stunning view from its back or even upon its 'head'! I built it to be imposing and with the head and neck angled to add another degree of life to the monstrous walker. Plenty of fun places to investigate and enjoy including a Tie Fighter bay, engine room, med bay, 'cockpit', armory with a fun little single turret attack vehicle and more. Enjoy!
      At-At Crib

      Star Wars At-At (Inspired) Walker

      Emberlee Quenesti (Exile) Entity PVE

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    • Tony Rey has been playing Exile on Entity on the Streams (Tuesdays 11am PDT on If you get a chance to get in game during the stream and haven't done it yet, invite him as a neighbor and let him know you have been featured here twice! He keeps promising to check out my space station/hoverboard park on the Dommie side but not sure if he has since he plays Exile. I haven't been in game as much lately since my guild quit playing but I keep my sub up so will definately have to pop in and take a look. 

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    • Sorry to hear about your quitting, Pinkachu! I'm neighbors with Tony and attend the twitch streeam live in chat, or in game if time allows. We're account friends Pink, so hit me up when you're online! I'd love to check out your place (I have a lvl 21 Chua), and our guild has a Dommie circle to socialize in, they'd love to have you :)

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    • Hello - I've been meaning to post one of my plots for a while now and figured that I should finally stop being lazy. 

      Name: Fyktion Stohrie

      Plot: Outpost 1138

      Server: Entity (exile)

      After crating my plot at least 5 times i finally came up with a plan. I wanted to have a space outpost town. The proprietor of Outpost 1138 came across this chunk of space that had a solid location for entrance to the system. She quickly made it into a small gathering town, upper level holds magnificent views, comfortable lounge spaces and a small labortory. The lower level is the old outpost, a little rough around the edges, but has everything you would need, weapons, food, general goods and even a weapons testing pod. Below the outpost the proprietor drilled down and made her own little sanctuary, an underground mansion with LARGE wall to wall aquarium.

      Fyktion Stohrie.150330.195727
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    • Thank you for submitting your awesome plot! I am so sorry it took me so long to take a look at it. Life kinda got in the way and I have also been playing a few other MMO's. (Gimmie a break, even Carbine devs don't play WildStar all the time). I work in the industry as a Community Developer, so I get to see all the cool new games that are coming up and beta testing new games is a blast. If you would like to see your plot featured on the main page, let me know and I will contact you directly. My original idea for my plot was a spacestation but it wasnt until the last huge update that I was able to complete it. Can't wait to see what else the devs can come up with for housing items. Anyway, thanks for showing us!

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