This is a level six Shiphand located near Bloodfire Village in Deradune. There is a veteran version available at level 5O. This shiphand was tested in December of 2014 and added to the next large update. The storytelling and activity in it far exceeds previous versions of shiphands so far in game. 

Freight Supervisor Lola has lost contact with one of her freighters near Halon, one of Nexus's moons. The ship is believed to have crash landed on an asteroid known as Fragment Zero. Spacers say there is some kind of derelict facility on the floating asteroid. Take Freight Supervisor Lola's ship and learn what happened to her crew.


  • Use Freight Supervisor Lola's ship to reach Fragment Zero
  • Find out what happened to Freight Supervisor Lola's crew on Fragment Zero


Currency: Credits: 7s 94c

Item: Rookie Shiphand's Dynamo (choice) Rookie Shiphand's Prism (choice) Shiphand Merit

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