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Marshal Scouts

Lopp Marshal Scouts

Welcome aboard, Marshal Scouts! Marshal Scouts very special Lopp - because Marshal Scouts choose to follow example of big hero Marshal Yatish. Now you learn Official Loyalty Oath of the Yatish Fan Club!

A Marshal Scout is Brave and Smart,

Never loses Faith or Heart.

A Marshal Scout is Swift and Bold,

Like heroes from the Days of Old!

A Marshal Scout is like Yatish,

Not afraid of Lopp nor Beast.

A Marshal Scout's Loyal! Just!

Honor, Wisdom, Might, and Trust!

A Marshal Scout will always Fight,

Doing what is Good and Right.

A Marshal Scout is Strong and True

Fights for Lopp like Me and You!

A Marshal Scout is Here to Say,

This Oath at least Three Times a Day!

Now you true Marshal Scout be big help to big hero Marshal Yatish. Shiny. shiny. Marshal Scouts!


This journal is located in Marshal's Haven in Wilderrun at 2826,-3910

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