(This collection of scraps and fragments appear to be a collection of Eldan statements and records assembled by the Pell in a haphazard fashion.)

Project is all we have... hoped for the procedure to achieve new greatness in these otherwise unimpressive... subjects show progress.

Primal matter and primal energy... interchangeable focus and concentration of powers equal... reach a state of equilibrium and self-sustaining... pressure variations.

I if the Project does not succeed, all work is... nothing can manifest a sufficient level of power suppression, but we believe... the others cannot understand what we have attempted. What we will... decide at a later time.

Primevals experiment wildly successful in terms of... every attempt at recapture has failed, recommend... protocols calling for extermination and reconstitution and cloning procedures will be appropriate for... the future of Nexus.


This journal is located in Ellevar at -3138,-3393 in the Stormseeker Commune

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