The Warbringer's Orders is a journal in the Crimson Isle that delivers orders to new Dominion Commandos from General Kezrek Warbringer.

Journal ContentsEdit

Orders for Dominion Commandos

Operation Crimson Sword

Your orders are simple: Target the wretched exile interlopers and annihilate them. Intelligence reports that the enemy is operating under the name "Megatech." It's a division of their scientists dedicated to employing the Eldan's biggest technology against the Dominion. This must not be allowed to continue!

You have two primary objectives. You must reach Crimson Isle amphibiously. The fools have not established an aquatic perimeter on the south side of the island. There you will meet up with agents of DRED - mostly chua.

Do not shoot them if you can help it. I can understand the temptation.

Once there, target your first objective: a massive communications tower detected from orbit. After accomplishing that goal, drive North into the interior. There scans show massive power buildup that can only be coming from a massive weapon the treacherous scum intend to use against the honorable citizens of the Dominion.

Report to Drekzar, the Gorefang, upon your arrival. Investigate anywhere the Exiles could be hiding, for hide they shall. Fight well, and if you should die, die with honor and take the enemy with you.

May our enemies drown in a river of blood.

For The Emperor!

- General Kezrek Warbringer


This journal can be found on the Savage Coast of Crimson Isle.

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