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Let it be known throughout the many worlds, stations, and fleets of the vast and powerful Dominion:

ALL ARTIFACTS discovered on the planet Nexus are the property of Emperor Myrcalus, may he rule for ten thousand years.

ALL FAUNA found on the planet Nexus is the property of Emperor Myrcalus, who is called Dominus Reborn.

ALL FLORA growing on the planet Nexus are the property of Emperor Myrcalus, chosen of the gods. And let it be known:

ALL DOMINION CITIZENS are requested and required to repot any theft of the Emperor's property and do everything within their power to stop such theft from occurring.

And let it be known: ALL WHO BREAK THIS LAW will be punished to the full extent of Dominion law commensurate with this crime, including DEATH.

And let it be known: ALL SO-CALLED EXILES ON NEXUS are by definition in violation of this decree, and will be eradicated.

Lord Minister of Law


This journal is located in Fort Vigilance in Wilderrun at 1315,-2062

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