IconDominion  The Root of Treachery
Type Quest
Agent Lex
Level 12
MinLevel 9
Rewards 1IconSilver 71IconCopper
Choose one
Arkos Target Assist Module
The Wildvine
Lex's Fast Reloader
Episode Fight or Flight
Previous Leave No Leaf Unturned

Objectives Edit

Locate Mercenary Arkos within Wildvine Sanctum Defeat Mercenary Arkos

Description Edit

Mercenary Arkoss last transmission has revealed that he's hiding within Wildvine Sanctum. Agent Lex has instructed you to apprehend Arkos so Dominion justice can be served.

Progress Edit

You defeated Mercenary Arkos, allowing Agent Lex to execute him for his crimes. Arkos, with his last dying breath, denied killing the Luminai. You suspect there is more to this story than is being revealed.

Completion Edit

Report to Agent Lex at Camp Firewalker

External links Edit

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