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LA medical assessment of the Aurin queen's health based on an examination recently conducted by a Mordesh doctor.)


SYMPTOMS: Fatigue, chronic pain, dizziness, nausea, Insomnia.

DIAGNOSIS: QME-1 has a unique primal connection to her homeworld. It appears her connection to Arboria is traumatizing her every time the Planet Reapers turn a tree to dust The distance from the Aurin Homeworld has, according to the patient's own assessment only caused symptoms to increase in intensity. Lacking a more plausible explanation that would defy all known primal physics, I hypothesize that proximity to Nexus and the intense sources of primal life energy in Aurin territories amplifies the patients sensitivity to these fluctuations in what her kind call "the Weave."

RECOMMENDATIONS: Although the patient is able to achieve a stable equilibrium using personal meditation techniques, drawing on primal life sources on Nexus, and simply by getting rest this situation cannot continue if the patient is to survive. The effort to suppress the pain of Arboria and still function in her role as monarch is taking a severe toll.

I find this particularly frustrating as a doctor, for the solution to this ailment is simple. The patient is capable of severing the connection to Arboria. She insists that once severed, she would be unable to reestablish the same thread in this "Weave," and so she refuses to follow this guaranteed course of relief.

Pending the patients willingness to follow the recommended treatment a continued course of natural alchemical pain remedies is all I can offer.

ADDITIONAL: Medical conscience compels me to bring my concerns to the First Consort The patient is too important to her people, and to us all, to allow her to go on this way. Perhaps he can convince her to do what must be done. I fear he will instead recommend they return to their homeworld, where they will surely die.

I should really find the organ containing my medical conscience and replace it with something more useful.


This journal is located in Celestion  in the Glenview Bulwark at 1025,-3057

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