(This rough leather-bound journal is next to the corpse of an Oghra poacher.)

DAY 1 Lots 'o animals down planetside, like big furry sacks 'o money waitin' to be shot killed, 'n skinned. Plenty 'o hides, furs, 'n ivory to be had. By the Code, we'll be rich when we're through with this haul.


Plu'Tha got drug off last night Not sure what got 'im, but it weren't pretty what we found in the grass when the sun come up. Couldn't tell if it were really Plu'Tha or not.. weren't enough of him left He's gone all the same.


Lost another one, this time that fathead Higa. Probably fell asleep on guard duty. Serves the lout right. None of the Grund're gonna sleep on watch after this!


They come out of the grass after dark, like ghosts. Took Gizu off, one on each 'o his legs. He screamed 'n screamed. Was sorta funny, 'til the screams stopped and they come back lookin' for someone else. We done some shootin' but didn't hit nothin'.

DAY 7 They ain't natural, these pumera what come after us. Ain't afraid 'o guns... ain't afraid 'o nothin'. I keep tellin' Hrogh we better get back to the Fat Molly and put this place behind us. Hrogh says I'm a yellow-back coward, he does. I'd cut 'is ugly throat if l didn't want 'im 'tween me and them pumera so much.

DAY 8 Just me 'n Hrogh left now. Only place left to go is camp, but It's a good haul to get there with them two demons after us. Them Dommie bastards are thick as flies 'round here. If we Tain't careful, the Draken'll chop us to ribbons... if them bloody pumera don't tear us up first.


Movin' out after dark. Should be back at camp 'fore long, then back to the Fat Molly. Hrogh's got first watch. I'd stay up if I weren't so tired. If Hrogh nods off, I'll kill 'is Grund arse and sneak back by myself.

(The Oghra's journal ends abruptly.)


This journal is located in Deradune at -5249,-667 in The Bloodfire Savannah

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