IconDominion  The Key to Power
Type Quest
The Caretaker
The Caretaker
Level 4
MinLevel 1
Location The Elder VaultLevian Bay
Experience 228
Rewards 1IconSilver 58IconCopper
Sailor's Shirt
Mechanic's Trousers
Sandy Beach Treads
Seaspine Coastal Waders
Episode The Elder Cube
Previous Automated Repairs
Next Unlocking the Knowledge

Objectives Edit

  • Use the Eldan Teleporter to access Engineering Sublevel Theta
  • Retrieve the Human Access Key from the Eldan Chest on Engineering Sublevel Theta
  • Collect Access key fragments from Skeech on Engineering Sublevel Theta
  • Use the Eldan Teleporter to return to the Elder Vault

Description Edit

A race of primitive creatures called the Skeech have overrun Engineering Sublevel Theta. You'll have to fight your way through them to retrieve the Cassian access key, which Artemis Zin will need to access the Elder Cube.

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

External links Edit

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