IconDominion  The Icing on the Cake
Type Quest
Artemis Zin
Level 13
MinLevel 10
Location Exo-Lab A37Deradune
Rewards 1IconSilver 96IconCopper
Class Weapon
Dataminer's Nerual Assaulter
Episode A Place for Everything
Previous Organic Dismemberment

Objectives Edit

Access the Eldan Datacube in the data vault in Exo-Lab A37

Description Edit

Now that the situation in the exo-lab is under control, Artemis Zin would like you to retrieve the datacube containing the augmentation files from the data vault within Exo-Lab A37.

Progress Edit

You overcame one final surprise while retrieving the augmentation datacube, but managed to successfully return to Artemis with it. News of augmentation will likely turn the heads of the scientific community at large, and Lady Zin will most certainly capitalize on the attention.

Completion Edit

Return to Artemis Zin in Exo-Lab A37

External links Edit

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