The Dominion Exploration Society comprises the most capable and trusted Explorers in the empire. While the Settlement Authority parcels out the known regions of Nexus to loyal citizens, it is the Exploration Society that discovers these regions and sends back reports on their usefulness to the Dominion. Explorers are allowed a wide range of independence, and represent the Dominion when meeting new cultures.

Exploratory Surveys

Dominion surveyors are among the most resourceful Explorers, using their knowledge and insight to discover overgrown trailheads and hidden caverns. These individuals are also valuable to other Dominion operations as well, leading that way into new and unexplored regions for Settlers, Scientists, and Soldiers alike. The work of a surveyor can also be very dangerous, taking them into the wildest places on Nexus, including Exile-controlled territories where Dominion citizens are shot on sight.

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