(This small journal looks old, but it has been well cared-for.)

Day Zero We land on Nexus tomorrow. I'm pretty excited! Heck, everyone's excited! I can't remember the last time I was outside.

Day One We've arrived in Deradune. Its not exactly what I was expectin' -a little on the barren side, but itll do for now. And here I was hopin' for some trees! Scuttlebutt is, the hornheads got a village nearby. That oughta make things... interesting.

Day One - Later Of all the rotten luck! Command's assigned me to the mines. You know... minin'. A bot could do my bb better, but we're short on bots. Guess I'll have to make the best of it I spend years aboard ship, get stationed on Nexus, and then I end up workin' underground. Who did I tick off, I wonder?

Day Two We're minin' accelerite. I guess its valuable or somethin'. One of the mercs told me it speeds folks up. He said he knew a guy who knew a guy who inhaled a bunch of accelerite dust It made him fast - real fast- but it also aged him ten years in about two minutes. I'm not sure if it's true, or if he was just tryin' to scare me, but I'm wearin' my breath mask... List in case.

Day Four I just saw Arkos down here. That guy's one tough hombre! He's been fightin' the Draken his whole life, practically. Just havin' him around makes me feel better.

Day Five There's trouble with the transports drive system. Hopefully, the mechanic can get it up and runnin' soon so we can get some of this ore back to the fleet Makin' matters worse, the Draken know we're here. One of the guards saw one of 'em sneakin' around, probably a scout That puts us in somethin' of a bad spot Ah, well. Back to work. This accelerite ain't gonna mine itself.

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