IconDominion  The Elder Cube
Type Quest
Artemis Zin
Artemis Zin
Level 4
MinLevel 1
Location The Elder VaultLevian Bay
Episode The Elder Cube
Previous Unlocking Knowledge

Objectives Edit

  • Observe Artemis Zin as she unlocks the Elder Cube in the Elder Vault.

Description Edit

Artemis Zin has the access key. It will allow her to claim the wisdom of the Eldan locked away within the Elder Cube. Observe Artemis in her moment of triumph... and perhaps gain a little Eldan wisdom for yourself.

Completion Edit

Return to Artemis Zin in the Elder Vault

Patch changes Edit

  • IconPatch Strain Ultradrop:Players will now properly receive comm call from Juro Takigurain on finishing the episode 'The Elder Cube'.

External links Edit

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