IconDominion  The Carnivorizor
Type Quest
Level 9
MinLevel 6
Location Feralplain Testing RangeDeradune
Rewards 4IconSilver 19IconCopper
Choose one
The De-Carnivorizor
Mad Scientist's Neural Chip
The Carnivorizor
Episode Feralplain Testing Range
Previous Small Modifications
Next Rogue Razortails

Objectives Edit

Use the Carnivorizor on Gentle Dawngrazer in the green pens in Feralplain Testing Range

Description Edit

Minion Togor of Feralplain Testing Range has asked you to test his latest invention: the Carnivorizor. The Carnivorizor is theorized to transform peaceful herbivores into carnivorous, ravening predators. Test the device on the gentle dawngrazers in the green pen and observe the effects.

Progress Edit

You used the Carnivorizor to turn the gentle dawngrazers of Feralplain Testing Range into slavering beasts hungry for the taste of meat. Mad science at its finest.

Completion Edit

Find Supervisor Renla in central Feralplain Testing Range

External links Edit

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