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(A succinct first analysis of the massive terraformer in Bio-Dome4,)

ANALYSIS: ELDAN TERRAFORMING TECHNOLOGY A report prepared by Analysisbot 74-X

Eldan terraforming technology is as yet poorly understood by biological beings, and slightly better understood by technological beings. The object designated the (Proto-former) appears to be the earliest known form of this technology yet discovered. Mission leaders believe this will make it easier for them to learn how it works. This unit believes this (Proto-former) is as complex and difficult to analyze as any other terraformer, however. A hoverbike is simpler than an interstellar starship in every way, yet an insect would not be able to operate either safely.

Operation, in fact is not an issue. The terraforming equipment in both Bio-Domes 3 and 4 have been in continuous operation for more than one thousand standard daily time units. The excess energy is therefore being absorbed directly into the nervous systems of all life forms in the Bio-Domes. This renders Farside fauna especially dangerous.


This journal is located in the Exile camp of Shady Ledge. It is accessible to Dominion characters if you are careful. 4080,-1204

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