IconDominion  Terminite Containment
Type Quest
Level 9
MinLevel 6
Location Hillscourge StationDeradune
Rewards 42IconCopper
Episode Terminite Infestation
Next Into the Lab Below

Objectives Edit

none listed

Description Edit

Mondo Zax has ordered you to head to Hillscourge Station, where Scientist Twilo is supervising the containment of a terminite colony. From the sounds of things, Twilo needs as much help as he can get.

Progress Edit

You spoke to Scientist Twilo at Hillscourge Station. You couldn't help but notice that there were bugs as far as the eye could see, and Scientist Twilo seemed less than confident that you could help stem the terminite tide.

Completion Edit

Speak to Scientist Twilo at Hillscourge Station

External links Edit

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