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IconDominion  Terminated
Type Quest
Eldan Power Controller
Level 9
MinLevel 6
Location Exo-Lab 79Deradune
Rewards 6IconSilver 28IconCopper
Choose one
Terminite Footfalls
Lab Technician's Coat
Broodlab Technopants
Episode Terminite Infestation
Previous Powering the Fail-Safe

Objectives Edit

Activate the Eldan Power Controller in the Broodlab sector of Exo-Lab 79 Fight off waves of Terminites in the Broodlab sector of Exo-Lab 79 Activate the Eldan Fail-Safe in the Broodlab sector of Exo-Lab 79

Description Edit

The Eldan Power Controller in the Broodlab sector of Exo-Lab 79 must be activated to charge the fuel rod that powers the Eldan fail-safe. Professor Ontus warns you that the terminites will be attracted to the power controller once it's activated.

Progress Edit

You activated the Eldan Power Controller and survived a massive terminte attack. Once the fail-safe was charged, you used it to incinerate the terminite nest and the colony's terminite queen.

Completion Edit

Report to Professor Ontus via your Datachron

External links Edit

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