The Exile town of Tempest Refuge sits in the hills of Galeras, where denizens endure frequent windstorms while working the rich, fertile land to grow crops, raise livestock, and harvest unique food sources like buzzbing honey and ravenok steaks. Like many such communities on the planet Nexus, Tempest Refuge has found itself caught up in the ongoing war between the Exiles and the Dominion, and mercs can now often be found standing guard over civilians and visitors.

Galeras Subzones
Camp Dustdevil · Control Site: Focus of Air · Crimson Base of Operations · Crosswind Post · Excavation Site · Kel Vishal · Kendra's Roan Ranch · Kriton's Command Post · Mudraker Roost · Redstone Farm · Skywatch · Skywind Beach · Skywind Ruins · Stormtalon's Lair (Instance) · Stormwing Fortress · Tempest Refuge · Temple of Osiric · The Hycrest Insurrection(Instance) · The Staging Point · Thundercall Village · Windward Notch · Windspire Vigil · XAS Forward Camp

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