Telekinetic Storm
Icon skillenergy ui srcr elctrcshck
1 to 5 Psi Points
Range 30 m
No cooldown
Required Level: 9
Conjure a storm, lasting for 7s, that erupts upon attaching to a foe or reaching the end of its path
The storm deals magical damage to 5 foes every 1s
1 Psi Point:(4.89%+2.6) damage per tick
2 Psi Points:(9.77%+5.21) damage per tick
3 Psi Points damage per tick
4 Psi Points:(19.54%+10.42) damage per tick
5 Psi Points:(24.43%+13.02) damage per tick
Tier Upgrade
+(0.26%)/+(0.5%)/+(0.76%)/+(1%)/+(1.26%) damage
Tier 4 Major Upgrade
Pierces 10%/20%/30%/40%/50% Armor
Tier 8 Major Upgrade
Applies Weaken:Deflect chance is reduced by 2%, stacks 4 times

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