IconExiles  Technical Difficulties
Type Task
Dominion Research Equipment
Level 8
MinLevel 5
Location Crystal ShardsAlgoroc
Rewards 3IconSilver 43IconCopper
Choose one
Assailant's Sight Module
Silencer's Weapon Sight
Reputation +200 The Algoroc Accord

Objectives Edit

Destroy Dominion Research Equipment within the Crystal Shards

Description Edit

The Dominion appears to have established a Chua-led research operation within the Crystal Shards. If you can destroy their Research Equipment before they can retrieve it, you may be able to foil the Chuas' plans.

Progress Edit

You destroyed the Dominion research equipment and informed Sergeant Kormak. Your efforts will make work difficult for the Chua in Algoroc.

Completion Edit

Report to Sergeant Kormak via the Datachron

External links Edit

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