The Taxi in WildStar is a fee based travel system primarily between larger towns and cities. The Taxi itself is driven by a holographic cabbie with a New York accent who seems more than happy to entertain (or annoy) you with his terrible jokes and banter. In order to properly use the taxi system, it is important that you make contact with each taxi that you come across while leveling. If you fail to click on the taxi, the taxi location will not be available to you and may restrict your ability to travel through the zone.

Players of the Settler path can also "build" a taxi of sorts at certain locations. These taxis vary in type and can include hovercraft type vehicles as well as a variety of beast mounts. The destinations of the settler built taxi often differs from the locations of the regular taxi system. The icon on the map however, is the same.

Alizar Taxi Locations Edit

The Alizar (Exiles) region Taxi locations, with coordinates, by region and zone.


Exile Alizar Taxi Paths



  • Gallow (4205, -4012)
  • Tremor Ridge (3808, -4552) 


  • Grimhold (3078, -2991)
  • Sylvan Glade (2622, -2406)
  • Woodhaven (1112, -2498)


  • Camp Dustdevil Taxi Kiosk (5373, -2838)
  • Skywatch Taxi Kiosk (5727, -2608)
  • Tempest Refuge  (5178, -2286)
  • Windspire Vigil Kiosk (5110, -2875)


  • Thayd (3899, -2398)

Whitevale Edit

  • Prosperity Junction (4759,299)
  • Palerock Post (1775, -625)
  • Thermock Hold (4488, -570)
  • Wigwalli Village (4021,422)

Olyssia Taxi Locations Edit

The Olyssia (Dominion) region Taxi locations, with coordinates, by region and zone.

Dominion Olyssia Taxi Paths


  • Cubig Farms (-1944, -2015)
  • Fort Glory (-1268, -1040)
  • Gildgrass (-2209, -840)
  • Hycrest (-2483, -1978)


  • Bloodfire Village (-5745, -617)
  • Endless Vigil (-4903, -90)
  • Feralplain Collective (-5122, -1535)


  •  Illium (-3385, -643)


  • Lightreach (-2603, -3598)


  • Fort Glory (1203, -2032)
  • Marshal's Haven (3866, -3379)

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