Target Acquisition
Icon skillengineer target acquistion
3s Channel
No cost
Range 40 m
16s cooldown
Required Level: 20
Apply 1 mark every 0.25s to foes while channeling

Consume all marks on channel end, dealing (13.64%+4.32) to (163.68%+51.84) technology damage to affected foes and generating 3 to 36 Volatility

Marks can be applied to multiple foes and stack up to 12 times on each

Tier Upgrade
+(1.26%) to +(15.12%) damage per mark
Tier 4 Major Upgrade
Deal (5%) to (60%) technology damage to your marked target and 4 foes within 5m
Tier 8 Major Upgrade
When target is above 50% health, deal (26.4%) to (316.2%) technology damage

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