Sylvan Glade is the largest town in Celestion, and is the main hub of all activity in the zone. As such, it offers more than any of the three previous towns, such as:

Episodes in or around this area include:

  • The Making of a Matria

Celestion Subzones
Belabog Containment Camp · Bonerazer Village · Camp Viridian · Cursewood · Darkloam Hollow · Darkwhisper Enclave · Emberwood · Exo-Site N22 · Glenview's Bulwark · Godsbreath Terrace · Greenbough Glen · Grimveil Enclave · Hijunga Village · Junction Zeta · Shroud Gloom Cell · Sylvan Glade · Tanglewood Grove · The Pools of Vitara · The Verdant Sanctuary · Thistlewood Thicket · Woodhaven

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