Nightfang Widow

Nightfang Widow in Celestion

Many related arachnid species known simply as "spiders" menace the darker corners of the planet Nexus. Though they are truly giants compared to insects or ordinary spiders, they are not much larger than humans. Most subspecies are armed with a painful, venomous bite and are voracious carnivores.


Most giant spider subspecies live on or beneath the ground, though some have been known to live partly arboreal lives in the trees. Many varieties weave strong, sturdy webs in dark, tunnel-filled places, from which they hunt for prey in the immediate surrounding area. Others dwell in caves and burrows, only using their webbing to snare and trap their food.

Venombite Spiders

Venombite spiders are an especially poisonous variety of arachnid found in dark corners of the Crimson Isle. Unlike many spider varieties, they are colonial creatures. A typical Venombite nest is comprised of dozens of hive-minded individuals ruled by one or more Venombite Queens.


From time to time, a truly massive Nexus spider emerges from the tunnels that run beneath Gildgrass Province and threaten the agricultural efforts of the Dominion. One such menace causing a great deal of trouble for the lowborn farmholds has been dubbed Spithra. She should not be underestimated.

Webwood Spiders and the Hycrest Plague

The unique physiology of Nexus spiders allow them to resist and adapt easily to unusual diseases or infection, according to scan data. In the case of the Webwood spiders of Auroria, the Hycrest plague racing through the local population has actually had a beneficial effect on their nervous systems, increasing their aggression and the rate at which then can consume their prey. These spiders are best avoided if at all possible.

Skittering Spiders of Malgrave The spiders of Malgrave have adapted well to the harsh, dry conditions, thriving on whatever prey they can find. Scans indicate they have absorbed a great deal of residual primal fire and air energy in the ambient environment, which no doubt has helped them resist dehydration and starvation.

Webwood Spiders and Augmentation

Ellevar spiders' natural resistance to disease and infection would certainly have made them excellent test subjects for Eldan augmentation, and indeed many of the largest and hardiest individuals in the Webwood area have been heavily augmented. Yet this may have occurred after the Eldan's disappearance, spreading to other individuals through physical contact.

In the latter scenario, the spiders may have broken into an Eldan augmentation facility seeking a place to nest and initially become exposed by accident.

Pretty much everything science NEEDS to know about spiders has been learned. It is time to study adorable baby jabbits! Which are, it is to be noted, neither giant nor venomous.


Deathmite Hunter

Deathmite Biter

Skittering Venomfang - Malgrave

Nightfang Widow - Celestion - The Verdant Vale


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