For centuries, the Ekose Shiphands Union has been running cargo from planet to planet. And if there's one thing the alien Ekose know, it's spaceships—how to use them, live on them, build them, take them apart, and put them back together again.

Space Chase infographic

The first limited-time Space Chase occurred from December 9-16 2015. During the event, every time players complete an Expedition that is within their level range, they earned Eko Particles that they can trade or sell to other players. Players could also bring them to Exchanger Beno who will exchange them for valuable Eko Chits that they can trade with Collector Torio for exclusive spaceship housing decor items. Players are also given the option to buy Eko Chits directly from the Store using NCoin or Ominbits.

Of note: Eko Particles can only be earned by playing Expeditions that are at the correct level range for your character. The level ranges for each Expedition are as follows:

  • Level 6-12: Fragment Zero
  • Level 10-19: Outpost M-13
  • Level 17-27: Infestation
  • Level 25-31: Rage Logic
  • Level 29-33: Space Madness
  • Level 31-41: Deep Space Exploration
  • Level 39-49: Gauntlet
  • Level 50: Any Veteran Expedition

Ship parts come in three different types with 10 unique parts in each set. Players can even mix and match the parts to make a unique spacecraft.

Players can also purchase three different types of Space Chase Decor Cases during the event. At the beginning of the event each of the Cases will be available for a two day period but near the end of the event, all three Cases will be available for purchase.

Contents include: 

  • One piece from the Tech Shuttle décor set
  • One character from the Space Cadet NPC décor set
  • A Protostar Transport ship replica
  • Housing Music Remodel: The Construct
  • One piece from the Gunner décor set
  • One character from the Space Cadet NPC décor set
  • A Marauder Raider ship replica
  • Housing Music Remodel: Smooth
  • One piece from the Racer décor set
  • One character from the Space Cadet NPC décor set
  • A Slim Exile Fighter ship replica
  • Housing Music Remodel: The Legend of the Blue Horizon*

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